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Thread: Gearing question

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    Gearing question

    So I've been doing arena now for most of wrath, fairly new to the game. I'm Naxx25.Ulduar25 geared I also have an all hateful/deadly pvp set.

    My question goes out to most of the feral druids out there, I do two's with a rogue, we basically rely on our burst damage and ability to lock down weaker classes. Considering the nature of our strategy are there any other feral druids who wear pve gear in arenas? It seems to me that unless you wear cloth, resil isn't as important as it should be for what your giving up in dps stats.

    Can anyone with more experience from myself give me some thoughts on this?

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    For your combo perhaps it seems that way because you might not be able to pull off a quick nuke without using PvE gear. I've never played double dps but I would imagine you would still want at least 400 resil (I play with 882 and my partner 885). To me resil is there to let me live through a stun. I play druid/warrior - without resilience going up against a double dps team I would lose. Resilience gives me time to thing and react - it honestly makes arena more fun. Without resilience the match is over in 10 seconds flat. With resilience I've had many many very exciting 10 minute matches.

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    Whoops, you're a druid :P
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    "If I'm doing a fight and I need more threat... I try harder. If I'm doing a fight and I need my taunts not to miss, then I wear hit." -Veneretio

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnuss View Post
    This is credit to Veryl on the other post on these forums and is excellent advice for startershttp://www.tankspot.com/forums/f40/4...-pvp-spec.html

    except the OP is a feral druid not a warrior so nothing you quoted really applies.

    I suck at pvp but i play rogue feral too. i think the 4pc run speed bonus is a must. Beyond that the only other pvp gear i wear is the trinket. Everything else is pve.

    No comment on if that is the correct way to do it or not because thats all i have so its what i have to wear.

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