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Thread: Prot Warrior Cooldown Rotation

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    Prot Warrior Cooldown Rotation

    Long story short: my guild broke up just as 3.1 came out, so I had to find a new guild. Eventually I did, and last night I finally, finally got a chance to use my new cooldown rotation.

    First, my armory:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Here are the cooldown chanages that were made in 3.1:

    Last Stand: Cooldown reduced to 3 minutes.

    Glyph of Last Stand (Major): Now reduces the cooldown of Last Stand by 60 seconds. The penalty on maximum health gained has been removed, which means I can increase the amount of health I get if I make sure to have Commanding Shout up all the time and if I pop a Nightmare Seed before using Last Stand (although I can only do the latter once a fight).

    Glyph of Shield Wall (Major): New glyph that reduces the cooldown on Shield Wall by 2 min, but Shield Wall now only reduces damage taken by 40%.

    And there's this old talent, which I've ignored in my builds:

    Improved Discipline: Reduces the cooldown of your Shield Wall by 60 seconds

    Also, there's my four-pieces T7.5 bonus of increasing Shield Wall's duration by 3 seconds.

    So, combine all those things and we get:

    Shield Wall that reduces all damage by 40% for 15 seconds every two minutes.

    Last Stand that increases max health by 30% for 20 seconds every two minutes.

    Shield Block that increases your chance to block and block value by 100% for 10 seconds every forty seconds (no change, I've always been doing this).

    Defender's Code that increases dodge by 455 for 20 seconds every two minutes.

    Okay, so not exactly up there with Death Knight cooldown rotations, but I could potentially have:

    Second Ability
    ------ -------------------------
    0 Shield Block begins
    1 Shield Block
    2 Shield Block
    3 Shield Block
    4 Shield Block
    5 Shield Block
    6 Shield Block
    7 Shield Block
    8 Shield Block
    9 Shield Block ends
    10 Shield Wall begins
    11 Shield Wall
    12 Shield Wall
    13 Shield Wall
    14 Shield Wall
    15 Shield Wall
    16 Shield Wall
    17 Shield Wall
    18 Shield Wall
    19 Shield Wall
    20 Shield Wall
    21 Shield Wall
    22 Shield Wall
    23 Shield Wall
    24 Shield Wall ends
    40 Shield Block begins
    41 Shield Block
    42 Shield Block
    43 Shield Block
    44 Shield Block
    45 Shield Block
    46 Shield Block
    47 Shield Block
    48 Shield Block
    49 Shield Block ends
    60 Last Stand begins
    61 Last Stand
    62 Last Stand
    63 Last Stand
    64 Last Stand
    65 Last Stand
    66 Last Stand
    67 Last Stand
    68 Last Stand
    69 Last Stand
    70 Last Stand
    71 Last Stand
    72 Last Stand
    73 Last Stand
    74 Last Stand
    75 Last Stand
    76 Last Stand
    77 Last Stand
    78 Last Stand
    79 Last Stand ends
    80 Shield Block begins
    81 Shield Block
    82 Shield Block
    83 Shield Block
    84 Shield Block
    85 Shield Block
    86 Shield Block
    87 Shield Block
    88 Shield Block
    89 Shield Block ends
    90 Dodge Trinket begins
    91 Dodge Trinket
    92 Dodge Trinket
    93 Dodge Trinket
    94 Dodge Trinket
    95 Dodge Trinket
    96 Dodge Trinket
    97 Dodge Trinket
    98 Dodge Trinket
    99 Dodge Trinket
    100 Dodge Trinket
    101 Dodge Trinket
    102 Dodge Trinket
    103 Dodge Trinket
    104 Dodge Trinket
    105 Dodge Trinket
    106 Dodge Trinket
    107 Dodge Trinket
    108 Dodge Trinket
    109 Dodge Trinket ends
    120 Shield Block begins

    This all pre-supposes that I'm perfect on my timing. Also, on certain fights I may want to save the "big" cooldowns for special abilities - like on Deconstructor, I found it best to wait for a Tantrum before popping Shield Wall or Last Stand.

    Still, in an ideal rotation, I will have either Shield Wall, Shield Block, Last Stand, or a Dodge Trinket up for 85 seconds out of every 120 seconds.

    In order to have the necessary glyphs for this rotation, I gave up Glyph of Blocking, which was 10% more to Block, and Glyph of Revenge, which gave me a free Heroic Strike every time I hit Revenge (this is huge for threat generation). Neither was a big deal while main-tanking, but it became a pain in trash clearing, especially the threat part. My secondary spec is a Fury build I only use for dailies and which, I think, will never be a raiding spec. So what I may end up doing is creating a secondary prot spec with Glyphs of Revenge, Blocking, and Shockwave, to help with trash clearing and the like. I'm still waffling about whether to do that or not.

    Last night was my first chance to use the new rotation in a stand-up boss fight. My new guild uses World of Logs, which takes some getting used to and doesn't parse incoming damage in a way that's terribly useful. Still, I was able to gleam some good stuff from it.

    The fight lasted 6:40. During that time I had:

    11 Shield Blocks
    4 Shield Walls
    4 Last Stands
    3 Defender's Code

    I was perfect on everything except my Dodge Trinket.

    During the fight, I was hit by unmitigated melee 23 times for an average of 18,600. I blocked 40 times for an average melee hit of 16,170, which seem to indicate I blocked for an average of 2,430. I either dodged, parried, was missed or completely absorbed 61% of all incoming melee damage. I absorbed a total of 221,800 damage, averaging 5410 absorbed damage per hit.

    The above doesn't account for Last Stand boosting me to well over 50,000 health and preventing me from being killed.

    I looked through past logs and took at a time when another prot warrior in my guild tanked Runemaster. The other prot warrior has slightly better gear since he's been raiding Ulduar longer than I have.

    If I'm reading the graph correctly, he tanked Runemaster for five minutes (it looks like Runemaster was the second guy killed). In that five-minute period, he was the recipient of 15 unmitigated hits for an average of 18,550; blocked 22 times for an average of 2,200 blocked; and dodged, parried, or was missed on 69% of all incoming damage. He used Shield Block five times, Last Stand once and Shield Wall once. He absorbed a total of 75,786 damage, with an average of 6890 absorbed damage per hit (his average is higher because his Shield Wall absorbs 60% damage while mine absorbs 40%).

    In short, looks like a complete wash. His extra misses are balanced by the greater amount of damage I absorbed and the extra number of times I was standing there with 50,000+ health.

    So, I'm not certain if the cooldown rotation is a win or not. At the very least it seems viable compared to "old-school" warrior tanking.

    If anyone else has any comments whatsoever, I'd love to hear them, even the "you suck and your rotations suck". This rotation idea is completely my own and if it simply doesn't work, I'd rather know sooner than later.

    Whaddya think?

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    Well, not really on point here, but do not use Last stand during Tantrum, it hits you for 10% per tick anyway, so it'll just do more damage to you w/ last stand up... so if you must use it use it immediatly after the tantrum.. of course following by enraged regeneration....


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    I would be curious about tps on the boss. Did you have any issues?

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