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Thread: Prot Warrior Uldar 25 - Stats that Work

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    Quote Originally Posted by planet436 View Post
    34142 HP
    25498 Armor
    542 Defense
    24.16% Dodge
    18.19% Parry
    17.19% Block
    5.68% chance to be missed
    117 Hit
    29 Expertise
    ~1000 Block Value
    Blood Draining

    The above is the gear I will use tanking Ignis, XT, Kologarn and Mimiron and is aiming to maximise EH. As other posters have said though, you should be focusing on other stats for different fights.

    For example, when tanking Auriya and Brundir on Council capping on +hit is very important to eliminate interrupt misses (you do not want to miss a shield bash on the former fight), so swapping a few pieces in with +hit is very beneficial. I was almost fully Naxx-25 geared going into Ulduar and have picked up a few pieces since then and feel comfortable tanking any encounter so far (are currently working on Mimiron).

    All MTs should have several types of sets. Specifically an EH, avoidance and threat set. Generally threat is a non-issue atm, but once your dps' gear catches up it'll become more important. Collect as much gear as you can, without being too greedy towards other tanks of course 'cause they matter just as much, and mix and match sets as the encounter requires it. Avoidance does have a DR however as long as you don't prioritize in one single stat (dodge rating for example) you won't have much of an issue with it, so don't just stack stam for mitigation.

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    34276 HP (zero buffs)
    24381 Armor
    549 def
    18.02% Block
    1383 Block Value
    18.62% Parry
    25.44% dodge
    5.69% extra chance to be Missed
    262 Hit (7.99%)
    0 Haste
    26 Expertise (6.50%)

    This is what I have after our guild's first 25 YS kill. There's only a couple of slots that are not ilvl 226, so take it as you will as what you could come out as when you're nearly at the end. I don't really carry a set for EH/Avoid/etc since my guild does not have a go to MT per se; we have different tanks MT different encounters (i.e. druid on Hodir/Ignis, Pally on Vezax/Steelbreaker, myself (Warrior) on Mimiron/Auriaya, and so on).

    Currently I'm using a Titanium Weapon Chain, but plan to get Blood Draining once I can find someone with that enchant, so my hit will take a dive.

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    HP: 33126
    Armor: 26008
    Def: 541
    Block: 15.64%
    Parry: 19.95%
    Dodge: 26.45%
    Hit: 7.78%
    Expertise: 24 (6.00%)

    Human, btw. Just killed Yogg25 the other day, have also cleared 10-man with hard mode Thorim. I don't really swap stuff around much, though I may once I get some more of the pieces I'm after (no shoulder token or stam trinkets yet). EH is my top priority, but I don't really stack it at the expense of everything else. I'd take an item with better overall itemization over something with a little more stam and a bunch of BR/BV. I feel like my expertise has really suffered, but some of the key upgrades I'm still after are the expertise pieces so we'll see where I end up once some more drop.

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    HP: 33681
    Armor: 24349
    Def: 545
    Dodge: 21.98
    Parry: 19.95
    Block: 19.86
    BV: 1400
    Hit: 7.53%
    Exp: 27

    Have tanked everything but Mimi, General and Yogg on 25 man.
    "Resistance is Futile"

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    35296 HP
    25250 Armor
    544 Defense
    24.65% Dodge
    20.04% Parry
    16.36% Block
    7.76% chance to be missed (Night Elf)
    278 Hit
    9 Expertise

    I put very little value on block. It's is nice when it happens, but I almost ignore it's presence on gear. Block value is similar, I look for strength as it provides a more well rounded threat profile. HP is my number one, however I won't sacrifice too much avoidance for the EH. I find that when a mobs/bosses are hitting your for almost your entire HP that a little more avoidance goes further than more EH. If I can't get enough EH to survive "another hit" then I find it better to get more avoidance.

    My biggest gear complaint with Ulduar is how badly my expertise took a dive. I was over 35 expertise in Naxx. That has taken a hell of a nose dive in Ulduar.

    Threat is has been a non issue, except on Hodir and Vezax due to the insane threat a caster can put out on those two. This could be largely resolved by increasing my expertise as a string of parry/dodge early in a fight is generally the largest cause.

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    25 man naxx etc gear and some ulduar 10:

    HP: 31347
    exp: 4.5%
    hit: 6.34%
    Armor: 24266
    Defense: 573
    Dodge: 24.82%
    Parry: 19.22%
    Block: 26.8%
    Miss: +6.92%

    I'm pretty happy with these stats so far. Once I start getting some Ulduar 25 man gear I'll get these higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamburglar View Post
    Pretty much all stamina and armor, get your avoidance and threat from gear and avoid block rating/value gear if possible unless it gives you a solid EH boost. Only change from my normal EH setup is using Sarth25 legs and Heritage to hitcap myself on Auriaya because I am responsible for interrupting after the fear. I learned the hard way yesterday that the game WILL RNGcheese you with a shield bash miss when you absolutely need it.
    I've tanked everything pre Ulduar, and as of late I was abble to do it in the 15/5/51 raid spec with the gear I have, But (ya theres allways a but); lately I've been unable to handle the endgame bosses in that spec, and with my EH gear.
    So I respecced for avoidence and started utilizing BV/Rating gear and its helped. Hell there r times I swap out the Essence of Fluffy trinket (+111 stam) with the SBV trinket from HVH and have better survivability.
    So question is, why avoid the BV or BR items?

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    Dallas, TX
    HP: 33481
    Armor: 24068
    Def: 552
    Dodge: 25%
    Parry: 20%
    Block: 19%
    Hit: 6.5% (I have always have a draenei in my group)
    Expertise: 29

    Maintanked everything in 10-25 up to Mimiron.

    I swap out to cap my hit on interrupt fights (Auriaya, Iron Council) but this is my normal boss set. I haven't picked up too much Ulduar gear simply because most of it has been crappy block gear so far (anyone else find this extremely annoying?).

    Quote Originally Posted by Aurless View Post
    Threat is has been a non issue, except on Hodir and Vezax due to the insane threat a caster can put out on those two. This could be largely resolved by increasing my expertise as a string of parry/dodge early in a fight is generally the largest cause.
    One little tip I'd throw out for tanks having trouble with threat in Hodir is to Intervene the highest threat dps right after Flash Freeze. Since no one needs to tank Hodir during that cast, there is plenty of time to check Omen for the highest threat, target them and intervene off the snow pile then charge Hodir before he even moves after casting.

    This will knock off 10% from their threat which really makes a noticeable difference. After that, stand in a lightbeam buff until the dps are done breaking the NPC's out of the iceblocks so you can build a little extra threat lead.

    Also if it's a mage just call out in advance when you notice he's getting close, "Magebob, I need you to iceblock during the next frozen blows." I find it's usually mages and warlocks that get close to me on threat. Rogues and hunters that overtake you might be good dpsers but are bad players. :P
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    Also be pro-active with Vigilance, if i see that my vig target isn't close to the top of the threat meters, I'll swap my vigilance target during the same period as Macchuckles mentioned.

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    AC: 24619
    HP: 30211
    DEF: 549
    Dodge: 25.15
    Parry: 19.93
    Block: 20.41
    Hit: 220
    Exp: 25

    25 man were stumbling a bit on arena. Hodir down.

    10 man have tanked everything up to Mimiron , but in all honesty being MT on Freya is kinda a joke anyway.

    I was taking the approach of stacking more avoidance, even considering using the legs from Auriaya that have no defense on them.But that would be just to satisfy my curiosity.

    I know it's not popular and am aware of the DR on avoidance but I just can't convince myself that stacking for an extra 1K health or so would help as much as being totally missed by the boss.

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    United Kingdom
    HP: 30761 (unbuffed)
    Armor: 25124
    Def: 553
    Block: 20.44%
    Parry: 19.19%
    Dodge: 24.00%
    Hit: 9.09%
    Expertise: 22 (5.50%)

    Seems to work for me but i generally OT rather than MT.

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    Chicago, IL.
    Unbuffed Stats:
    HP: 34452
    Armor: 25170 (I still pop ironshields for some harder hitting bosses)
    Def: 547
    Dodge: 24.68%
    Parry: 16.84%
    Block: 20.20%
    Hit: 9.21% (Cant find a good gear/gem/enchant combo to bring this down a bit and focus on a different stat a little more)
    Expertise: 20 (I eat expertise food for well fed buff)

    I find this set up to work well for most bosses so far, although Steelbreaker can still wtfpwn me in a heartbeat once in a while. We now just use a 55k hp bear tank to avoid any chance at a 2 shot to normal unbuffed swings.

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    Unbuffed Stats:
    HP: 33127
    Armor: 25413
    Def: 554
    Dodge: 25.41%
    Parry: 19.26%
    Block: 15.05%
    Hit: 263 hit rating (Was a tad under the cap for a while, I just got Veranus' Bane which capped me out perfectly hehe)
    AP: 2861
    Block Value: 994 (soooooo low....)

    I generally use a fish feast, but I'll use some expertise food if the fight is particularly hard. Also, I almost always have a flask active, and I'll use Indestructible Potions on especially hard-hitting (read as: Steelbreaker) bosses.

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    I can't really think of any encounters where an avoidance set is all that good. Can anyone name any?

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    Having tanked every boss as a warrior up to and including Yogg

    My Stats:
    HP 33077 Unbuffed
    26054 Armor
    256 Hit rating
    34 Expertise
    Dodge: 25.55%
    Parry: 17.82%
    Block: 16.26%

    This is what I would consider my "main" set, I have a pure EH set, block set, etc...

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