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Thread: Shieldblock needed for warriors?

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    Shieldblock needed for warriors?

    Hello, And pre-thanks for taking time to read this post.

    I am krysis a some what new warrior that hit 80 about a month ago, i have the general cookie-cutter prot build, ive tanked everything from nax 10 to uldaur 25, currently 3/13 in uldaur(25), and 9/13 uldaur(10), ive been pretty okay in tanking i guess no real complaints, i main tank 10man, off tank 25man, but...

    I feel like im lacking in avodeince + health of other warrior tanks
    I have a fair amount of dodge/parry about the same as other warriors i see on armory, but the problem is i have <16% block, where as the other warriors i see have 19-22%!!, why is it that we have about the same stats, same gear and they have so much more block? i thought block wasnt needed for warriors so i generaly take dodge/parry/stam over block, should i be trying to get block?

    Pre-thank you for reading and responding (if you do =])

    edit: my armory: The World of Warcraft Armory
    edit: edit: Also whats the soft cap for hit ratting + expertise
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    Hi mate,

    Well first of all I think that the trinket from VH heroic would help you a lot! Also the back/cloack from Iron Council (BOE) is can offer you a lot of help. I also got the necklace from the quest that ends in EoE 10. Those things help me a lot for block rating.

    You couldthink of putting titanium plating on your shield. About the HP, maybe you should put 30 stamina 15 resi on your shoulders, 10 stats on chest because that helps most with the kings buff. It is much better then 275 HP.

    About the hit/exp cap. Do not use def gems with the gear that you have, in the red sockets use 8 expertise 12 stam gems.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    my armory, the moment I get the shield you get I will put titanium plating on it.

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