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Thread: Warrior/Lock/Druid against DK+Melee

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    Warrior/Lock/Druid against DK+Melee

    were playing 3on3 with Warrior/Lock/Druid (The World of Warcraft Armory) and had quite a run this week up to 1.8k rating, but today we only met DK+Melee+Heal-Lineups bashing us so easily...
    They just go for one target and focus it down in like no time since our warlock tried affliction again today (when he was destruction it was quite well) so we wonder wether affliction is such a bad specc? As far as I know Inflame got his number one rank on European PTR with the same lineup and affliction specc so I wonder what the things are we do wrong and if there are any movies by his or another good WLD team so far.
    When the lock plays affliction we're trying to delay the other team ofc by using druid CC on DDs at the beginning and using disarm, aoe fear, disarm tauren stomp etc. so we can stop their first bursts and kill them by putting pressure on the healer later with mortal strike plus DoTs doing the job.
    But as it seems we just can't win against heavy single target burst without destruction specc.
    Doesn't matter who they burst btw, either they try to kill me (trinket/healthstone/retaliatation or shield wall plus spell reflection and shield block), the warlock (teleport, death grip, down) or the druid (takes them 30 seconds) even frost DK got enough burst to do so.
    At least me and the druid didn't have those problems in 2on2 yet (2200 rating)
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