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Thread: Arms or Fury with my current gear

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    Arms or Fury with my current gear

    I've been Fury for a long time and I've sort of just stuck with it because I'm used to it. However I'm wondering if I could produce more DPS as arms given my current gear. I mostly do 10 man raids and PUG a few 25's from time to time. I've read that Arms tends to do better in the smaller raid environments because of less dependence on the wide range of buffs in 25's. I'm a very casual player but I like to be competitive as well. Any advice is welcome.

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    Hey mate.
    Were in same shoes when 3.1 came as you are now.
    However i choosed to go Arms, tryed it out in a few raids, and back to fury a few raids.
    Arms was my final disicion!

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    That's why they invented the duel spec system. Just go double dps.

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