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Thread: Fury Warrior T7.5 and T8 gear question.

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    Fury Warrior T7.5 and T8 gear question.

    I was in an Ulduar 10 man today, two pieces of Protector gear dropped, I passed on both for two reasons. One, MaxDPS seems to think the T8 shoulders and pants are a downgrade from the T7.5 shoulders and pants. Two, the other warrior in the group could use them. I can't help but wonder if this was the right choice. The Weighted item comparison tool on Wowhead says the same. The T7.5 pants have tons of crit that the T8 lack, lacks some expertise(which I'm capped on anyway) and gain hit, but the T8 has more Strength. The T7.5 again has more crit and has armor pen. The T8 has hit, again, and more strength, but the strength is a minor gain.

    The set bonus for the T8 is nicer, considering I use both Heroic Strike and Slam at least twice in my rotation between the Whirlwind and Bloodthirst, as opposed to using slam only occasionally when it procs for an instant swing which doesn't make the T7.5 bonus very helpful.

    Either way, for the time being I'm still going to have T7.5, but did I make the right choice here, or just shaft myself because I followed a general guideline too closely?

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    well getting str would be a good thing, losing a little crit isnt bad, since youll be raid buffed most of the time. Kings would increase your str even more if u have a pally in your raid. in my case i would of rolled on them.

    but you helped out other ppl by passing on them, and that shows that your a good person, and thats all that matters =)
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