My dps is very low. 10 naxx (fully buffed) I'm avg 1500-2000 dps. 25 man naxx I can push that to around 2300-2400 dps (maybe a little higher on fights like patchwerk). I'm well over hit cap and I'm expertised capped. Armory is here.

WOW Armory

Note: Not sure why the armory shows me at 21.02% crit. My in game character screen shows me at 29.02% crit (completely unbuffed).

I've got my rotation down pretty well. Using BT, WW, GCD, GCD,...etc. Using the GCD for slam when procs, execute when applicable, HS or cleave when over 70-75 rage, and for keeping bloodrage, zerker rage, BS, and DW up at all times. Try to make sure I've always got enough rage to do BT and WW when they come off CD.

I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on the mechanics of fighting as fury, but am still not seeing the higher dps numbers. The only explanation I can see at the moment is my gear, but I'm hoping for a 2nd opinion.

Where can I improve?