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Thread: 10m EoE Help

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    10m EoE Help

    Hi guys,

    Been reading tankspot for a while now and its a great site with tones of info, keep up the great work!

    We took our casual guild to EoE last night for the first time, we managed to kill him on our 4th attempt (which we where all very happy with).

    We did it with only 3 seconds left before the enrage timer so i think we need some work on the speed of phase 1 and 2 but we will get that in time.

    What i wanted to ask was as tanks, has anyone had issues with their hunters not being in firing range when he is tanked along the join of the inner and outter circle on the platform on phase 1? I was basically taking the kite path that Cyderhelm uses in his video with the group in the middle of the room but the hunters kept telling me that i need to tank him further out as they where stuck in melee range.

    Anyone got any tips on how to get a nice balance so my hunters can still shoot while i kite him around? i didnt want to stray to far out for fear of going OOR of my healers.

    Thanks guys,

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    Tell your hunters to stop slacking and move a couple of yards to a place where they can dps -.-

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    malygos hitbox is really HUGE, you can keep him futher from spark and you melee wont lose range if you know what you're doing ;p

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    So is the join between the two circles the right line to take? or should i have him on the outer side of that join do you think? I did notice his hitbox was huge as he took ages to move once i started to kite him


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