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Thread: Any Hints or Tips for an Prot Warrior?

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    Any Hints or Tips for an Prot Warrior?

    Hey Guys,

    Great site and some fantastic posts!.
    Thought it was about time i posted my stats and gear and just to get some true tank chat going. See if there is anything i can tweek etc .

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    First of all my expertise is a tad low after getting the Coil the other night, just had to change into it asap ^^.

    As for Glyphs i use, Blocking - Vig - Shockwave

    Any thoughts or great tanking addons etc would love to hear about them?

    Cheers in advance!

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    I like Glyph of Revenge - free Heroic Strike right after.

    Omen is a nice threat meter to add some details to the in-game threat meter. I like the combo of the two, as the build-in threat meter shows me who is being targeted beside me, while Omen shows me my tps and threat compared to the other peeps on the mob I am on.

    Gear-wise? I hope you have a tanking set. That's definitely not a tanking set (nice dps set though).


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    Glyph that i use are. Block. Revenge, and Devestate that does the job for me..

    Get Omen, DBM add-on

    Looks like a good DPS set.

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    Main Talent Spec:
    15/5/51 for almost all content as a Prot warrior.
    http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#LAM00fZh ... sGo:dbomMz

    Ulduar Talent spec (or similar variation): 5/10/56
    http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#LVZhiZVI ... sGo:TrAMmz

    Can't really comment on your gear as it is showing Arms DPS stuff atm. As far as addons I would definitely make sure you have Deadly Boss Mods (DBM), Omen and preferably Recount. Beyond that its really personal choice.

    Glyphs if you are looking at threat Blocking, Vigilance & Revenge are nice. If you start to head toward Ulduar content you might consider Shield Wall & Last Stand combined with a spec for Improved Disciplines for even further reduced cooldown time.

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    hey guys,

    Hehe yea should of said i use DBM and Omen etc all standard addons,
    and oppps one time i post on here the armory sticks on my dps gear ^^.
    should be sorted now normally live and breath in my tank set.

    Cheers for anymore comments hopefully should see the tank set now :P


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    Get rid of the 27 parry gems. Do it immediately.

    Do not ever gem for parry. Don't gear for parry. If you get it, nifty, but it suffers from a very high curve on diminishing returns and you also need more parry rating for each % of parry. Gemming for dodge would get you higher net avoidance, but I wouldn't suggest even that. Put some +40 stam gems in your JC trinket and I'd personally get rid of Armsman on the gloves.

    You need to gem/enchant for Expertise. Your current 10 (w/ talents) is extremely low. Get some +8 exp/12 stam gems going and switch the glove enchant.

    Also, change your 5/5 cruelty to 2/5 cruelty and 3/3 Deep Wounds. Its been proven several times that it results in a net dps/tps gain.
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    Ok point noted.

    but what kinda Dodge? Parry? Block? should i be aiming for then before maxing stam? or should i just stam whore my gear right up?.

    Yea i did have DW etc with imp Heroic Strike, gonna change back to it

    And yes i know my Expertise is low due to ring change etc.

    Thanks for the help/info anymore is more than welcome


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