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Thread: Need help with spec/glyphs

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    Need help with spec/glyphs


    I need help adjusting my spec/glyphs for heroics. The biggest problem I am having is with threat/controlling lots of mobs. For instances like AN/UP heroic, esp. AN (UP I usually don't have a problem on), I find I'm suffering from damage mitigation in big pulls if the dps is low. Lot of mobs hit me (don't die fast enough) etc...

    Glyph of devastate I rarely ever get the benefit of (I don't use it a lot besides bosses), I feel I could benefit more from either glyph of heroic strike or glyph of shield wall in that spot. I'm thinking of speccing out of improved spell reflect into imp. disciplines. Maybe benefit from the shield wall every other few pulls, make things go smoother. So what do you think? Can anyone recommend a suggestion/alteration for my talents/glyphs(for heroics). Thanks, I tried browsing through the FAQ's and could not find anything up to date.

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    looks to me like you are on track. your hit and expertise are terrilow, try to work on that. missing some enchants, and some gems. being a blacksmith, make sure you are utilizing the extra sockets. get a weapon chain on that mace, or better yet, go get the red sword. you'll get more multi target threat out of the cleave glyph as opposed to the devestate. i also dont think imp spell reflect is gaining you much, but thats a personal choice.

    as for anything else:

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