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Thread: TPS - Pre-Ulduar Gear

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    TPS - Pre-Ulduar Gear

    Here is my Armory Link:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    My Spec is: 7/56/8

    I have always loved the way frost tanks.

    Lately I have been having a small problem with generating high TPS.
    I do not have access to Ulduar 10M/25M yet.

    I run 10M Naxx regularly, and starting to do 25M Regularly.
    What I would like to have is some feedback on other experienced DK's for tanking. I am willing to move some points around, but I do want to stay within the frost tree mainly.

    Mostly I need some help on gemming and enchants.

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    Do you have a link to a WWS? What is your rotation? In terms of your gear, very generally speaking here are a couple of pointers that could increase your tps based on gear alone:

    1. You are well under the expertise cap. Your hit is good, but expertise point for point is better than hit until the soft cap.

    2. Your not specced into Bladed Armor. Point for point, that is arguably one of the best threat tanking talents and should be included in nearly every tank spec imo.

    3. You have glyph of D&D. I personally don't like taking this with frost since most of your tps should be coming from BB and HB anyways. I would generally only use it on my opener, and I think a glyph of rune strike or frost strike would help your ST threat a lot and a glyph of HB would take IT out of your rotation allowing you to use an undead rune + blood tap for OB/HB once a minute.

    4. The most glaring problem I see is that you are way over the defense cap. This effectively makes your overall avoidance less than it could be. Consider regemming some, or going with the SS rune on your weapon instead of SG. The idea being that your avoidance = tps due to ruin strike. The more you dodge/parry, the more RS procs you get.

    Hope this helps, but link a WWS or at least tell us your rotation and we could provide more insight!

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    Thank you very much for your input.

    Tonight I'll see how this WWS works and link it after I run a few heroics with it.

    Basic Rotation is something like: (Im new to this, and since I do not have my UI in front of me, I am at work atm, I'm trying to remember the order)

    Single Target:
    IT > PS > HB > BS > BS > OB > RP Dump (rune strike whenever its up)
    OB > OB > RP Dump (rune strike whenever its up)
    [repeat and change up as necessary]

    AOE Tank:

    D&D > IT > PS > Pest. (RS whenever its up)
    Deathchill > HB > OB
    [Repeat and change up as necessary]

    After browsing a few posts on here, I am going to try this out tonight:
    Frost Tank Spec

    As well as change some gems around to increase expertise and be a little bit closer to hit cap.

    I do have some other gear in my bank, I am going to get enchanted and see what I can do about that, I have Dragonstorm Breastplate and also a Naxx25 Cloak.

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