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Thread: Fury warrior with weak DPS

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    Fury warrior with weak DPS

    I could use some advice on how to improve my DPS. Despite what I think is fairly adequate gear, I cant seem to get over 2000 dps (2300 with raid buffs). I am frequently the lowest DPS on the chart. Guild has been very understanding but frankly its getting a little embarassing. Other fury warriors with less gear are doing more dps in our raids. Have tried a couple of different builds and changed some gems in my gear all to no avail. I use the rotation that seems to be the most commen BT-WW until CD then HS. I dont have any problem with rage generation in raids.
    Any advice would be very much apperciated.
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    I think you could benefit a lot from doing some regemming.

    The first thing that really jumps out at me: I would definitely change those AP gems you have to strength gems. Fury warriors have always gained more from strength than raw AP due to the fact that strength scales with certain raid buffs like Blessing of Kings, but gemming strength over AP is pretty much a requirement with the recent change to improved berserker stance. I see a +16AP/+12stam gem on your boots, chestpiece, and helmet, and I see a +32 AP gem on the chest. It really is worth it to replace those with the equivalent strength gems. In short, as a fury warrior, you should always be gemming for strength instead of raw AP.

    Get the Berserking enchant on Ironsoul. Ironsoul is a very nice weapon, and it's worth the gold to get Berserking on it over +110AP if you can afford it.

    Your spec looks good to me, other than the one point you have in Enrage. I would switch that point to something more useful than enrage. Improved Execute would be a nice place for it. Unless you plan on offtanking a lot, enrage is pretty worthless for you. Last time I checked, you have to take direct hits (and not AoE damage) in order for it to proc, and as a DPS warrior, a direct hit from just about anything in a raid = you die.

    If you have access to 25-man (or even 10-man) Naxx, you can still benefit from a lot of gear upgrades in there. Your offhand weapon is the weakest piece of gear I'm seeing. I'd be looking to upgrade that....something like Death's Bite from 10-man KT would be a huge upgrade there. Once you replace that, it'll also be worth throwing a Berserking enchant on your new weapon. I realize waiting for gear upgrades to drop isn't always going to work out, but there are several upgrades from that Titansteel Destroyer.

    Your expertise is a low to the point where you could probably benefit from gemming/enchanting to reach the cap. It may help you to replace the AP enchant on your bracers with expertise until you can get closer to that cap with your gear. The Ruthlessness ring from heroic Naxx would be a nice upgrade to the Ring of Invincibility you currently have.

    For what it's worth, there's my .02. Hopefully that helps you out.
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    One quick question.

    If this is a warrior thread, why is it under the Druid category?

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