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Thread: Quick Gemming Question (resto sham)

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    Quick Gemming Question (resto sham)

    Hey there, and sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but it seems like the best fit to me. First, let me say that I do a heavy amount of research when it comes to my role as a healer, and what the best practices are. All research points to stacking int and spell power, as far as gems go. However, I find myself gemming for stamina whenever possible. I find that in my gear (complete naxx-10) and guild set up (no raiding priests ), that I need every bit of stamina I can get. Before I gemmed for stamina, I was sitting at barely over 15k health pool, and it made it very difficult for the Malygos encounter. With the stam gems, I've managed to boost myself up to 16.2k without switching to PvP gear.

    With my current gem set up, I've still got 2.1k heals with earthliving, higher with flametongue and raid buffs, and sit at 214 mp/5 without water shield, and 324 with (excluding raid buffs). I'm currently having no mana problems in my guild's progression through Ulduar-10, even on fights like Razorscale and XT where every bit of DPS counts, but I'm concerned that I'm not making the best effort I can when it comes to gemming. The only reason I really switched up gems was for Malygos. Would the boost in spell power/mana pool/mana regen help in progression through Ulduar? Or should I keep the extra health for all the raid-damage intense fights? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I know my meta isn't the best in slot, but I'm waiting for a helm upgrade before switching.

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    Just had a quick look, I really wouldn’t be gemming for Stam if you can avoid it at all. http://www.wowhead.com/?item=37094#created-by will make up more then the stam you are getting at the moment and is a good substitute if you don’t have a raiding priest.

    If mana isn’t an issue but health is, get Kings in stead of Wis, make sure you always have you food buff up and you should be pushing around 18k. A lot of the raid damage in Ulduar is “get out of the fire” type of damage. There is of course a lot of unavoidable raid damage as well but nothing that I can think of that is going to pull you down in a un-healable amount of time.

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