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Thread: 3.1 Pre Ulduar gear set differences and questiosn

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    3.1 Pre Ulduar gear set differences and questiosn

    I suppose this would go here. I'm really just looking for some clarification on the stats associated with different sets. Alot of the pieces in my different sets are used in each other, so that means some pieces are not gemed the way they should be for certain sets (usually 24 stam gems instead of w/e else). So here are my questions.

    1. The stats on each set don't seem to vary very drastically, looking at my avoidance set, I'm really just trading about 2% avoidance for 2000 health raid buffed, is that what I should expect? Does that number make a huge difference?

    2. Is there ever a good time to use my TPS set? I never have any problems holding agro in my EH or avoidance sets, and they provide more mitigation / avoidance... so is it just a gimmick / boss farm set?

    3. Is armor on items like rings / backs really worth prioritizing? Adding ~400 armor at my armor level comes out to like .50% physical mitigation.

    4. Should I make the differences in sets more extreme? I viewed what I put together as leaning toward one stat, but a good balance over all.

    The stats listed below are all unbuffed, after talents

    These are my sets summed up. I loged out in my avoidance set, and armory is still not adding talents to profile stats, so you have to add 5% block / dodge / parry, and 10% health and armor or w/e.

    Avoidance Set: (38k raid buffed health)
    76622 EH | 31081 stam | 56% avoidance | 260 hit | 22 exp

    EH Set: (40k raid buffed health)
    77940 EH | 32006 stam | 53.25% avoidance | 196 hit | 18 exp

    TPS Set:
    73787 EH | 30291 stam | 54.18% avoidance | 260 hit | 31 expertise

    NOTE: I'm still waiting on last laugh to drop, and I always use the expertise food, so once it drops, in raids I'll have ~10 expertise more than unbuffed, puting my tps set up to 41

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