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Thread: Some gear help please...

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    Some gear help please...

    I need some help deciding if I should try and get some more T7.5 gear. I know the answer may seem obvious but after doing some careful analysis, I realized that the gear I have on now has more avoidance and stamina than T7.5 armor pieces. I know it's the set bonuses that really matter and Im saving up emblems to get my T7.5 shoulders so I can get my first bonus. But anyway does anyone else agree that T7.5 pieces have less avoidance than other epic tanking gear, as shown in my armory.

    My second question is how much avoidance should a warrior off tank have in Uldaur 25. I'm at about 45% buffed but I was getting two shotted in Naxx10 on an Enraged Grand Widow. I'm guessing I should stack more but how much is enough?

    My Armory: Constrict

    Thanks in advance =D
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