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Thread: Advice on Glove Enchant

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    Advice on Glove Enchant

    Am doing some OT in Nax, was advised to get armsman on gloves to increase threat, is this sound advice as I will lose 18 stam on gloves to do it? I nearly have badges to buy belt, and will increase stam ench on boots. Any advice gratefully received.

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    You are miner and blacksmith. I would advice to craft Daunting Handguards and then enchant it with Armsman.

    I see you added socket to bracers and you put +16 hit rating gem in it? Personally I would put +24 stamina gem in it.

    Your helm should be enchanted with Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector (Argent Crusade, revered). So ~10k reputation more to get them.

    Also work on reputation with Sons of Hodir every day (do dailys, turn relics) to get exalted shoulder enchant.

    +8 parry/+12 stamina gems aren't good. Actually you shouldn't use gems with parry. +8 dodge/+12 stamina would be better if you need more avoidance, but please consider +8 expertise/+12 stamina gems for more threat.

    Find an engineer and force him to make you Armor Plated Combat Shotgun. Put +24 stamina gem in it.

    Farm AN heroic for Essence of Gossamer (+111 stamina trinket). You can farm normal HoL for +65 defense rating trinket. You should farm UP heroic for Red Sword of Courage. Better rings would be nice too, but just download AtlasLoot addon if you don't have it yet and check upgrades from heroics.

    Your spec is weird. You should go with 15/5/51. Go check my armory and check my secondary spec. You can swap Anger Management with Cruelty if you want.

    Remember that you want to be crit immune, after that you can go for more hp and avoidance.

    Simple question about gloves enchant hehe.

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    Thank you

    Thanks for the advice, very helpful.

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