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Thread: Bezerker! Darkmoon card for tanking?

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    Bezerker! Darkmoon card for tanking?

    A friend of mine in a high end raiding guild told me that I should consider picking up a Bezerker card to use for Thorim 10 man hard mode.

    He said that the card is OP for the fight, but didn't know why. He was just repeating what he heard from the prot wars they use. He said use the trinket and stack block, so I am assuming its for the gauntlet before the boss.

    I haven't done the Thorim fight in any mode or raid size so maybe someone can shed some light on this.

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    Thorim uses this ability: Unbalancing Strike - Spell - World of Warcraft
    He actually hits like a truck in hardmode and there's a lot of AoE going around as well, so healing is tight. The resilience would reduce the danger of crits some, but really you just need very fast taunts to switch the tanks and you shouldn't have to rely on critreduction.

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