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Thread: arp vs. str

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    arp vs. str

    Ok so heres the thing. i know that they had an issue with arp being bugged so that arms warriors were not pushing the dps that they were suppose to, but i heard it was supposedly fixed. i've been searching all the forums to figure out when do u gem for arp? should i be gemming arp over str all the time now? or is str really better? i know that the gear all has ArP on it and that someone said that you need 31% arp to be effective as far as dmg, but im really confused as to what gem i should be using more.

    i currently have 3580 ap unbuffed, 31.08% crit. 254 ArP rating. im at 326 hit and 181 exp rating. could someone mind helping me out? thanks for your help.

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    This thread belongs here:

    HALP! Armory & Talent Suggestion Requests - TankSpot

    Thank you
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    As snuggle said.

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    What i have found to be a pretty good rule of thumb, once you get 30% arp from gear and from battle stance, start geming for arp, if your mace spec, wait till you get 35%

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