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Thread: Glyph of Enraged Regen vs Blocking?

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    Glyph of Enraged Regen vs Blocking?


    i was working out my glyphs for my 2 prot specs (15/5/51, 5/15/51).

    Spec 1 is threat/dps build with deep wounds and i was planning on using glyphs of cleave, vigilance, shockwave.

    Sped 2 is a survivability/raid boss spec and i was going to use: Last Stand, Shield Wall, Enraged Regen.

    I seem to see a lot of people using glyph of blocking, but for me with only 1k BV it only gives me another 100 which gives me a bit more SS damage and a bit more mitigation.

    Compared to say glyph of enraged regen which will regen around 3k more health, glyph of blocking doesnt seem worth it for either my threat or survivability builds.

    Could someone elucidate matters for me?


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    Generally, unless there are fights where you'll be forced to go long, long periods of time without healing support, the Blocking is much better than Enraged Regen. An extra 120-130 self-heals per second every few minutes that Enraged Regen is on cooldown isn't as helpful as Blocking.

    Besides - in the emergency situations especially, if you reactively go for Enraged Regeneration once you're already very close to dying, it's not as helpful unless you first use with Last Stand (for 30% more self-healing and a nice comfy bunch of HP) in which case Last Stand is what is doing most of work saving your ass, not the Enraged Regen. I could be wrong, these are just my opinions...

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    I was wondering too if enraged regeneration could be a worthy glyph.

    First I have to say I'm not tanking end content (and did just recently come back from holidays in the land of Fury). I'm currently 75, still leveling, doing normal Instances and will be sticking to the heroics a while after reaching 80 I think.
    So my point of view is surely different than that of a raid tank.

    SWall (if glyphed and talented) can obviously be a pretty good mitigation ability.

    But Last Stand clearly has no use unless in emergency situations. In that case it I would want to have it at the same CD with enraged reg so the extra minute is not worth it especially since the content I do rarely requires that much panic CDs as of now.

    I currently have 20k health unbuffed (and it's not going up that much in a 5 man...).
    Enraged Reg is linked to Last Stand, so every time I use it it's about:
    20*1.3 = 26000
    Unglyphed Enreaged Reg = 26000*0.3 = 7800
    Glyphed Enreaged Reg = 26000*0.4 = 10400

    And if always linked to LS it can now be used as a plain mitigation tool to serve mana too, as it somehow just works as a 50% heal.

    Isn't this handy? At least for my case?

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    Then again, if you're doing heroics, how much damage do you think Blocking saves you?
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    OP: suggest you also consider glyph of devastate, both as a quality of life (reduce time to fully sundered) and as a ST threat glyph.

    Glyphs for levelling and low level 5 man will probably not be the same as raid glyphs. I can see enraged regen being handy for that.

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    What about Enraged Regeneration vs Last Stand?

    Ok, I think I forgot to write something essential (and just realized this to be not quite the accurate thread). I really like the Blocking Glyph for its mitigation and threat mix.
    I was thinking about not using Glyph of Last Stand as I do not see so much of an advantage in the 1 minute time decrease if you don't do really hard fights where you have to use it that often.
    Again my experience here is pretty low, so this is part of my question are there many fights that require LS to be used in a 2min frequency?

    So my glyph setup for EH would be
    1) SW (+talents) or maybe Devastate for threat, fast Sunders and 2 more talent points
    2) Blocking
    3) Enraged Regeneration. Thus I can definitely use ER every time I use LS.

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    In your threat build, Glyph of Devastate should be standard. No other glyph helps threat generation as much on a single target.

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    glyph of enraged regen is by far one of the most useless glyphs for warrior tanking

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    Hey Monso,

    Looks like you are setting up a Heroic/Trash spec vs. a Boss/Raid spec.

    I actually have a full block value set that I use for heroics (read AE trash) and I also use the spec in raids for trash.

    I use:

    Glyph of Cleve, Glyph of Devastate, and Glyph of Sunder Armor

    Its a pretty ridiculous combo for AE tanking.

    Cleave hit extra targets and Glyph of sunder proccing sunder on other enemies gets me at or near 5 stacks of sunders on everything near me rather quickly. All those sunders really start to add-up in the damage department when you get cleave, thunderclap, and shockwave rolling in. Oh and tasty Damage Shield procs and (shh don't tell) my shield spike.

    Just some other options that I enjoy.

    Hope that helps,

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    I have two specs for tanking, single target and aoe/anub adds/taunt sensitive fights. I go deep wounds for both specs, because to me deep wounds is a must in any warrior build, but that's just user preference. I glyph as follows:

    Single Target - Last Stand / Shield Wall / Devastate

    AoE/Adds/Taunt - Taunt / Cleave / Sunder

    I find for the single target one I go LS/SW route due to hard mode progressions giving me the ability to deal with a much lower CD time for oh crap moments. Basically I can be cycling something every minute if need be to help us push through the fights.

    Devastate because, well, it's just insanely nice for threat gen.

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    I have a specialized set for 5 mans since I run a bajillion of them. Armory me to see it. I use that set for everything but the ICC 5 mans.

    Glyphs are Devastate, Cleave, and Resonating Power. "Resonating Power??!!" Yup cuz I have no points in Focused Rage, every bit of rage counts. Plus it's not so much that it saves 5 rage on TC, but put another way that's 5 rage that could go to any other move.

    Sunder w/ Dev combo is interesting but in the lower 5 mans stuff dies much too fast for the sunders to have any real appreciable effect, assuming your DPS is decent. With my 5 man set I'm almost always #1-#3 on overall DPS and can peak at 4k+ on some bosses with big Shield Slams and such.

    Current record is 19k Shield Slam in 5 man, before the SS nerf.

    EDIT: Not showing my Armory link under my username for some reason. It's Antioch, Alliance, Kael'thas realm.
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