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Thread: Using resilience to make room for armor

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    Using resilience to make room for armor

    The MT of my guild has recently suggested that I move my gear to be more along the lines of this than what I am currently using. I'm essentially trading 1k hp , 1.59% parry and 2.67% block for 1499 armor which seems to come to about 1.5% physical damage reduction. I am personally very iffy about this change but was hoping to get some opinions on using resilience in this way to allow for more stam and armor enchants.
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    all of the losses are not equal to the armor imo. 1k hp is A LOT of hp to toss away for 1499 armor. then with the parry it's again, not good enough. EH is EH, which includes block and HP. Trading that much HP and block % for that amount of armor seems counter intuitive to me.

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    Well, 1K hp is pretty close to 1499 armor in terms of Effective Health, but only against physical attacks. I don't think that tradoff alone is worth it, because the Stamina gives you Effective Health against magical damage, too, not just physical.

    But then throw in that you are losing a significant amount of avoidance, I certainly don't think that tradeoff is worth it at all.

    If you could trade just Avoidance/Defense for Armor to boost your EH, then yeah, it might be worth it. But not at the cost of that much Stamina AND Avoidance, IMO.

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