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Thread: Paladin New to 80, Where do I go from here?

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    Paladin New to 80, Where do I go from here?

    My paladin just dinged 80 last night, and did a bit of a mad scramble into level 80 crafted gear. She's a JC, so I will be adding both Titanium Earthguard pieces as soon as she gets enough tokens built up. I'd like some advice as to where I should concentrate on upgrades with her gear, apart from that. I want to start tanking Heroics, but I'm not at 535 Defense yet, so I know I need to work on that.

    Also spec suggestions would be welcome. I've done some reading, and seen a bit of a debate over Divinity, whether it's worth the points or not. My husband plays a tree, so he will generally be my healer through 5-man content. Would the mechanics of tree healing affect the usefulness of this talent?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    First, for Divinity, it’s often a hit or miss talent. I see some swear by it, and others write it off as a cute trick. Personally, I’m in the latter category, and think it can be skipped for other utility abilities (Improved Hammer of Justice, Divine Sacrifice, etc).

    Now, for your gear:

    Your gear is alright, however, your gemming is a bit off. Strength is a threat gem, and should be used after you are certain on your survivability. 24 Stamina, 8 Defense/12 Stamina should be your bread and butter gems. Also I would put Stamina over Icewalker on your boots. Also, I would put + 20 Defense on your shield over the spike. 12 Defense is a great bracer enchant for cheap on early bracers, and defense to chest isn’t very expensive either.

    For a Libram, there is a very solid one from Grizzly Hills that increases the damage from your Shield of the Righteous, which I recommend picking up; until you get 15 Badge of Heroism to buy the Libram of Obstruction (Should be your first purchase).

    Work on those reps, the early Honored/Revered give a ton of solid tanking items, and can easily be obtained solo through questing and dailies. Wyrmrest Accord will net you a very good cloak (Which I like better than the epic one you are wearing, but it’s a personal thing), and a chest. You already have the Argent Crusade Legs, however at Revered you can also enchant your helm (Which is a great investment). Kirin Tor will end up getting you a good pair of gloves at exalted, but it’s the hardest to grind up. If my memory serves, Revered “Faction Rep” (Warsong Offensive or Valiance depending on Horde or Alliance) gives a tanking weapon too. Also, some early instances will net you some decent blues from quests even if you are doing them on normal (UP has a chest, Occ has a bracer and ring, etc). Also, I strongly recommend running normal HoL for a Seal of the Pantheon.

    For your glyphs: Try Divine Plea, Righteous Defense and Seal of Vengeance. Consecration SEEMS good, but it actually hurts a prot paladin threat rotation, similarly with Divine Plea on constantly you won’t need as much from Spiritual Attunement, so you can do without the glyph. Your minors are mostly inconsequential, however I would get Sense Undead as its great, and Lay on of Hands. The other can be whatever you feel like, to be honest, as it wont have any impact on your tanking.

    Your spec could use a little fine tuning, I prefer a 0/53/18 one, going to Crusade for the extra threat, dropping the 3 points in Divinity, and one point in Spiritual Attunement (If you notice issues with mana, swap back to two in SA, and only 2 into Crusade). The other points you want are either 5/5 of Conviction or 3/5 Conviction and 2/2 Pursuit of Justice, depending on personal preference.

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