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Thread: Level 60 Arms warrior checklist

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    Level 60 Arms warrior checklist

    I've subscribed to the Quick/Dirty/Arms guide and it has helped me. However I'm curious how my DPS would be affected by tweaking my current build.

    I ran ramps last night and was having a hard time with rage generation prolly b/c of low threat.

    I dont know how to AoE with my Arms warrior effectively. I dont know how to keep threat on me effectively either.
    I know how to use the rotation that Quick and Dirty provided.

    I'm using Mortal and Execute Glyphs.

    After the run was over somebody calculated the DPS for the party and I was 250DPS. The highest was 289DPS. They mentioned that I did a good job, but maybe they were just being nice.

    Last night I kept battle shout up. Charged, rend, M/s, execute, OP'd, Slam'd. In between I was Demoralizing, Thunder Clapping, and Sundering. A few times I used sweeping strikes. But my rage was so low at many times b/c mobs werent really attacking me. They were mainly hitting the 59 DK.

    Should I take away my 3 Cruelty points so I can access Bladestorm?
    Should I keep my current glyphs as long as I dont mind applying Rend sooner?
    " " take away the point in Tactical Mastery and put in Anger mgmt or even Iron Will?
    " " be happy with what I have and leave this alone?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    If you want to improve your tanking, spec prot, arms is a dps tree not a tank tree. You can tank as arms, but you will be tab sundering useing MS and Shield slam when you can

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    Be patient.

    Considering the fact that DK starting gear basically equals Tier 3 gear, I doubt you could tank or dps better than a DK around your level. Don't worry, that evens out later.

    Your talents are fine. Seriously, you're still leveling; it's impossible for you to even fill all of the necessary arms talents yet.

    At level 60, you don't have to worry about DPS output, everyone has dog shit dps until they level cap anyways.

    Realistically, you are only going to run 4-6 dungeons in outland before you head to Northrend, so as long as you don't epic fail them (like somehow put out 50 dps total) you should be fine.

    As for tanking as arms, get ready to leave that behind. Any dungeon higher than about 66 or 67 in Outland is very hard to tank as arms and NR dungeons require you to be prot for any and every one in order to tank it.

    The reason that you can't generate rage with your arms/tank thing is because the arms rotation is only designed to support the first one you mentioned. You don't have enough rage to Demo Shout, Thunder Clap, Sunder, or use Sweeping Strikes. The reason that you want to spec Protection in order to tank is because you both generate rage on defensive abilities as well as get a very substantial cost reduction on all of your abilities (Revenge = 2 rage, Thunder Clap can be brought down to 5). You also get a host of abilities designed for holding aggro (Devestate, Shockwave, Shield Slam) and building threat.

    If you want to dps, go arms.

    If you want to tank, go protection.

    Until you have enough money to duel-spec, you have a decision to make.

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