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Thread: Raid Synergy

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    Raid Synergy

    I looked at the "other classes" thread, and although it had good information, it wasnt quite what I was looking for.

    I am one of the officers in my guild, and ive taken it upon myself to help devise strats and such for our uldaur encounters. While we have had success in the 10 man, we are to the point of trying 25 man. As such, i would like to ask some of our raiders to make sure they contribute the most to help the raid. Problem is, I dont know every class, and all of thier abilities. And naxx was such a joke, the only thing that mattered in it was personal dps output. That doesnt seem to be the case in uldaur.

    Now Im not looking at all of the abilities of the classes (seems thats where the other thread was heading) but rather what to ask certain classes to make sure they cast/spec etc. to make sure the raid does its most potential.

    Example: Moonkin, imp insect swarm. From what ive read, it improves chance that the target can be hit by a percentage, but it doesnt stack with whatever a shadowpriest does heh. But from the "raid spec guides" ive seen, imp insect swarm isnt "needed" as they assume a shadowpriest will always be available. Not the case in our guild. Is there any other class that can add hit to a boss, or do I need to ask one of our boomkins to spec into that to ensure the hit is added to the boss?

    Thats what Im looking for. A list of what each class/spec can do to aid in damage output, and/or mitigation, without a how to play the class. From reading different class guides, certain classes have different hit ratings based on the raid composition. But obviously hit rating isnt the only thing im looking for, anything else that can aid is wanted as well.

    Although I cant guarantee that we will always have the perfect composition, I would like to be able to ask people to cast or spec what is needed to get as close as possible for what we have.

    Thanks in advance

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    Take a look at MMO Champion's RaidComp:

    MMO-Champion RaidComp

    It shows you the various group buffs and target debuffs that are possible, as well as what classes/specs provide them. You can also drag and drop the classes you have into the raid group boxes and instantly see if you're missing a buff/debuff.

    It will help if you go and read up on the various skills (links to wowhead are provided) so that you know if a given debuff is active or passive. For example, warlocks, boomkins and unholy DKs all bring a +13% magic damage taken debuff, but a warlock has to give up their curse slot to provide it, whereas boomkins and DKs get it esssentially "for free" because it's linked to abilities that are core to their rotations.

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