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Thread: Will we see any more shields in Ulduar?

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    Will we see any more shields in Ulduar?

    You know, I'm really hoping that we've yet to see a 25 man hard mode tanking shield in Ulduar. So far, we've got some very nice 226 tanking shields, The Boreal Guard looks like a nice choice for effective health, and the Northern Barrier is extremely tasty for threat. But there's been nothing that's blown my socks off yet, and only one of them is a 25 man shield, so I'm still hoping we get to see something Bulwark of Azzinoth for this tier.

    I noticed Wisdom's Hold, a very Protoss-looking healer shield with a 239 ilevel, so there is at least 1 25 man hard mode shield in the game. But no tanking one discovered yet?

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    Algalon's drops haven't been discovered yet, so there is still hope. Expect amazing itemization on it if it really drops from him.

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    I am not that impressed with the shield drops either, when the shield Wall of Terror - Item - World of Warcraft is almost as good as the the other tank shields in Ulduar 25 Northern Barrier - Item - World of Warcraft and Ulduar 10 (hard mode) The Boreal Guard - Item - World of Warcraft its a sad day.

    The Northern Barrier is a rather nice theat shield though.

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    Well you have to think, this is only the 2nd Teir of raids for this expansion.

    This could be considered the SSC/TK of WOTLK. Bulwark of Azzinoth, as well as the other great shields of BC weren't around till the third teir.

    We may be waiting till Icecrown to see the really amazing shields coming out

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    Got my northern barrier last night!

    Upgraded the Heroes surrender for the 10 man ulduar shield, then the 10 man for Barrier.

    Lol, the main tanks already have KT shield so they didnt want it. but im happy!

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    For my tastes, Northern Barrier is slightly ahead of WoT but we've been having this discussion in our tanking corps. I'd like to think there would be a sweet shield at the end of it all but I'm not real optimistic. On top of the fact there apparently are not tanking rewards for the kill Alagon quest.....

    Oh well, I guess its nice to think something you worked for will last a while.
    your hat may be nice, but I have the little white tank top that says Legendary right across my boobs. I win. (or more correctly, H wins)

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    there wasnt even a single tank shield in ssc/tk so im not complaining. The Boreal Guard is very very nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eetabeetay View Post
    there wasnt even a single tank shield in ssc/tk so im not complaining. The Boreal Guard is very very nice too.

    TBC Shields (Kara Excluded before ZA release):
    Aldori Legacy Defender (Gruul's T4) -> Kazrogal's Hardened Heart (Hyjal T6) -> Bulwark of Azzinoth (BT T6) -> Sword Breakers Bulwark (Sunwell T6.5)

    All T5 we used Aldori legacy defender (until the release of ZA and the Bulwark of the Amani Empire) up until Kaz's Heart in Hyjal.

    In WOTLK we're getting spoilt and I don't think we have a right to complain:

    WOTLK shields (ilevel 213 and higher)
    Barricade of Eternity (T7) -> Heroes Surrender (T7) -> Wall of Terror (T7) -> Boreal Guard (T8) -> Northern Barrier (T8)

    So excluding Naxx 10 and badge shield along with ZA/Kara/TBC badge shields we have as many shields available to us now in 2 tiers of content as we did in the entire Burning Crusade. The only thing we should complain about is how hard it's going to hit our DKP buying all these .

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