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Thread: Fury warrior - DPS too low since 3.1

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    Fury warrior - DPS too low since 3.1

    First, here's my armory:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Since 3.1 and going into Ulduar, my DPS has dropped dramatically, and I don't feel like I can blame all of it on the change to Titan's Grip. I have dual Betrayers of Humanity and otherwise decent gear, so it's not like I can blame it on my gear either. For an example, Deconstructor in Ulduar is a relatively melee-friendly fight (as long as you don't get unlucky with gravity bombs/light bombs), and I pulled about 3900 DPS on that fight this past week (3400 our first week) while watching our other melee DPS classes consistently pull 5k+. I'm flasked, using +40 strength food, and using speed pots here.

    Now, my guild is still in the "learning" phase of working through Ulduar, and I realize that alone is going to cause performance issues in a lot of ways, but I'm mainly looking for suggestions to see if there are maybe any talent points/gems that I'd benefit from changing around based on my level of gear.

    I also realize that I can't really compare Ulduar to the pre 3.1 raids like Naxx/Sarth/EoE...going from one patch to another AND a new raid instance = a lot of changes. My concern is that I've seen myself drop from consistently being in the top 3 on damage charts pre-3.1 to struggling to keep in the top 10 since 3.1, and it's making me feel like I'm not pulling my weight. I haven't changed my rotation or playstyle at all, though 3.1 shouldn't have changed anything serious about the standard WW/BT/HS rage dump/Slam on BS crit rotation that I'm aware of.

    I finally got a much-needed upgrade from the old Spiked Titansteel Helm to the T8 helm, and that does appear to be helping a little.

    Here are a couple more specific notes as well:

    1. I recently changed the purple gems in both my legs and chest from strength/stam to expertise/stam and changed the enchant on my bracers from AP to expertise so I could meet the expertise cap after losing weapon mastery to the arms tree from 3.1.

    2. I have heard a lot of other fury warriors are dropping rampage in favor of having that point elsewhere. I have yet to run a 25-man or even a 10-man since the patch without a feral, so I am considering that.

    3. My current build has anger management, 5/5 unbridled wrath, and 1/2 improved berserker rage. This DPS slump that I'm in really felt like it was hurting my rage generation to the point where I couldn't keep a rotation going, so I've just been playing around with my build to see if I can make that any better. I'm seeing a lot of white misses (which would affect rage generation), so I'm wondering if maybe I should stack a little more +hit (not to the point of gemming for it as I'm over the cap but maybe prioritizing it a little more as a stat on potential gear upgrade choices).

    4. The one point in imp demo shout you see on my current spec was just so I could meet point requirements to move down the tree.

    5. I also very rarely ever run a raid without a ret pally. We also run with a second fury warrior, and the other fury warrior has 5/5 commanding presence, so I haven't bothered with it. If I were to change anything for utility reasons, I'd maybe swap unbridled wrath for full improved demoralizing shout.

    I've thought about trying an arms build, but I've been fury since BC came out, and I've always liked the spec/playstyle, and I am most likely going to stick with it. Thanks for any suggestions that might help me out.
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    This is no help to you, but I wanted to say I have pretty much the _exact_ same problem. My DPS has dropped loads since 3.1 and I don't feel I can attribute it to the TG nerf either. My expertise has dropped a fair bit as the early ulduar gear I've gotten has had loads of hit but no expertise (I'm going to regem a few slots).

    Are there any fury warriors out there that are competitive on the DPS charts at all?

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    Competitive on the charts is relative.. not everyone is competing against the same people. i am generally in the top 2 or 3 in 10 mans, and top 5-7 on 25's.. though I have dropped a few spots to be sure.

    Your spec/Gear looks fine.. you out gear me in some areas, especially weapons.

    i've had to regem for expertise aswell, that has hit hard, plus I am still of the belief that their "fix" for Fury is wrong, and I have no problems running with 47% self buffed crit, 55% ish in raids. My individual hits dont hit quite as hard but i crit, alot...

    Depending on how much movement is needed, I am seeing 4-4.5k on some bosses, significantly less on most of them though, usually about 3.5K. My zone wide numbers get padded a little because of my AoE on trash packs (imp cleave and cleave glyph)

    i am not able to keep up with most of the people I used to compete with anymore though. Ret Pallies, Both DPS Specs of Shammies, Combat Rogues, Balance Druids, Feral Druids, Hunters, Mages, Warlocks ... all when played well and in similar gear out DPS me significantly.

    I'd say to the OP your doing nothing wrong, we are just screwed right now.

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