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Thread: Arms dps gear help (armor pen?)

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    Arms dps gear help (armor pen?)

    i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how i could increase my dps. here is my gear The World of Warcraft Armory what gems or armor should i go for? am i doing alright?

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    All signs seem to be pointing to Armor Penetration as the new means to maximize Arms DPS.

    A warrior in our guild is even gemming for Armor Penetration and claims to have seen a significant DPS boost as a result.

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    I am right now stacking Arp at the expense of crit and AP and am seeing greater dps increases than warriors stacking str and crit. I wouldnt go as overboard as i have untill we find out the DR curve on it, but the rule i tell others by, once you can get 35% arp it becomes the stat to stack

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