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Thread: Dual Tanking specs ?

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    Dual Tanking specs ?

    Well as a tank its best to have 2 tanking specs atm.


    For warriors best one here is 15/5/51 (Deep Wounds) spec

    Glyph's: Blocking, Revenge, Cleaving(or Vigilance but cleavings better imo)


    For this one i came up with a 5/10/56 build going for 3 points in AttT, 2 points in booming voice and 5 points in imp demo.

    Glyph's: Blocking, Last stand, Shield Wall

    Improved demo and tc aswell as shorter cooldown on SW which is important to the next thing i figured out.

    I figured out that u can have an avoidence cooldown always up with only a 20 secs break between the loop.

    Here's how it works:

    Skills and cd's:
                                   duration          cd
    Shield Block (SB) :       10 s                 40 s
    Shield Wall (SW) :        12 s                 120 s
    Last Stand (LS) :         20 s                 120 s
    Monarch Crab (T1) :       10 s                 60 s
    Heart of Iron (T2) :      20 s                 120 s

    SB -> T1 -> LS -> SB -> T2 -> T1 -> SB -> SW

    After SW u can use Enraged Regeneration aswell which leaves u with around 10 secs till SB is up again and the rotation can begin again.

    The bosses dont really get enraged at last 10 % only some hard modes require keeping ur cooldowns like SW and LS.

    The rotation lasts 112 or 122 seconds or 115 and 125 if u have 4 set of T7.5.

    What ya think about that ?

    Leave some opinions!

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    Cool, now I just need Heart of Iron :P

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    Its working pretty well btw and i use ClassTimer to keep track of the cooldowns

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    what about for DK's you think 2 tank specs or one tank one dps?

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    Cant tell u that. Depends imo what ur guild needs. If u need to tank go for 1 AoE spec and 1 Single target or like 1 threat spec and 1 survival. If ur needed for only OTing go for a dps spec and a tanking spec depending on what kind of OTing u will be doing.

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