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Thread: Malice's UI (WoW 3.1)

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    Malice's UI



    I've tried to keep this installation as light weight as possible. I've included only the addons that are essential to the look and raiding functionality of my UI. My UI is set up for 1680x1050 widescreen resolution. If you do not play at this resolution it will require quite a bit more work on your part to make it fit your screen. I highly recommend using the curse client to keep all addons up to date. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.

    Bagnon - Collects all bags (inventory, bank) and organizes them into one, easy to manage window.
    Bartender4 - Replaces the default action bars allowing more customization options for many UI elements.
    CBH Viewport - Allows the creation of letterbox blank space at the top and bottom of your screen. These boxes do not cover up your viewable playfield, rather, they resize it creating blank space to put your UI elements to keep your playfield free of obstructions.
    Bigwigs - Timers and warnings for instance encounters.
    Errormonster - Gets rid of the red error message spam (Skill not ready yet, etc) at the top of the screen. Integrates with MikScrollingBattleText.
    Itemrack - Allows you to set up equipment sets and swap between them with the push of a button.
    MikScrollingBattleText - Replacement for the default scrolling combat numbers above units heads.
    MinimapButtonFrame - Collects all the buttons from around the minimap and displays them in their own customizable frame.
    Omen - Threat meter
    OmniCC - Puts numeric cooldown timers on your action bars.
    Prat - Chat window customization
    Quartz - Customizable cast bars
    RatingBuster - Adds lots of very useful information to item tooltips on mouseover.
    Recount - Raid statistics (damage done, dps, healing done and much more)
    SatrinaBuffFrame - Very customizable bars for showing buffs/debuffs on various units.
    SimpleRaidTargetIcons - Allows easier target marking in raids/instances.
    Squeenix - Allows minimap to be moved as well as other minimap customizations.
    Cowtip - Replaces the standard tooltip window.
    TitanPanel - Places bars at the top and/or bottom of the screen to display helpful information (gold, location, durability, loot type, etc.).
    Utopia - Allows more easily referenced tracking of player-applied debuffs on raid targets.
    Xperl - Raid/Party frames.

    1. Remove or rename your "Interface" and "WTF" folders in your WoW directory.

    2. Extract the contents of MaliceUI.zip to your WoW directory.

    3. In the newly created "WTF" folder you will need to rename "YOURACCOUNTNAME" to your account name (all caps), "Your Server Name" to your server name and "YourCharacterName" to your character's name.

    4. Log in to WoW, your screen will look similar to:

    You may get an error from Xperl the first time you log in after installing. Simply close the error window and type /reload to reload your UI. You may also receive errors about addons that no longer exist. Simply click 'delete' to prevent them from trying to load again.

    5. Type /bt4 to open the bartender option window. Go to "Profiles" in the menu and, in the "Copy From" box, select "Malice - Burning Blade".

    6. Type /xperl to open the Xperl option window. In the bottom-right of the window select copy from Burning Blade/Malice and hit yes in the confirmation popup. Then, in the left side menu under "Frame Layout" select "Burning Blade(Malice)" and click "Load". (For some reason the target-of-target frame is out of place. After performing the above instructions simply click on your character frame and then click the "Align Top" button in the top-left corner of the xperl window.)

    7. Right-click the TitanPanel bar at the top of the screen. Go to Profiles>Manage>Burning Blade>Malice>Load.

    8. Open your Game Menu (Esc) and go to the "Addons" tab. Going down that list you will need to:
    • Bagnon: no action needed
    • CBH Viewport: no action needed
    • ErrorMonster: no action needed
    • MikScrollingBattleText: no action needed
    • Minimap Button Frame: Go to profiles and copy from Malice - Burning Blade
    • Omen: Go to profiles and copy from Malice - Burning Blade. You may need to type /omen toggle to show the omen window.
    • OmniCC: no action needed
    • Prat: Go to profiles and copy from Malice - Burning Blade.
    • RatingBuster: Go to profiles and copy your class profile.
    • Recount: Go to profiles and copy from Malice - Burning Blade. You may need to type /recount show to show the recount window.
    • Satrina Buff Frames: Clicking this will bring up a new window. Select "Global Options" at the bottom of the window then copy from Malice - Burning Blade.
    • Squeenix: no action needed
    • Titan Panel: no action needed
    Your UI should now look similar to:

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    I really really want this UI but it doesn't cope with my screen/pixels. Good job on it though looks great

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    I'm not one to criticize one's UI as I believe each UI reflects the players playing style, but here's my two cents.

    -It seems like the whole screen is overcrowded and possible overlapping. There are aspects you can configure to give more real estate yet not sacrifice functionality.

    -Art doesn't hurt since you have the view port bars to leave potential visual room.

    Just giving some constructive criticism as I know it really helps the project evolve faster. The interface should be a entertaining aspect and contribute to the overall gaming experience. If you want me to elaborate more, then message back. Btw, good job with the visual directions on setting up the UI.
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    Abyssul's UI, please comment or download.

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    I welcome the criticism. After all, my UI would not be what it is currently were it not for implementing ideas from other players.

    I've made some minor adjustments since the XT pic was taken which likely address some of the "overlapping" you mention, mostly regarding the positioning of the dbm timers. I'll replace it with a more current shot later this week.

    As far as adding art, that's just not something I'm overly worried about with my UI. In fact, I lean more in the opposite direction. I aim to avoid any non-essential "fluff" in my UI and pack as much usefull information as I can into as little area as I can in an attempt to keep my view of the actual playfield as unobstructed as possible while still keeping myself informed of every little thing that's happening throughout the raid.

    There are a number of UI compilations that may be more visually appealing than mine, yours is one example. However, I've not come across one that I feel displays as much raid-essential information in as concise and usefull a manner as my own without severely limiting one's view of the playfield. That is, of course, a rather biased statement. As you said, each players UI is a reflection of their own preferences and play-style. Though it is a constant work-in-progress and will continue to grow and change, I'm currently quite happy with the way my UI fits my own preferences and play-style. If others find that it also fits theirs and decide to use it then my time putting this file/thread together was well-spent.

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    Well said.

    I used to have a similar attitude like yours, by putting functionality as the primary priority. As for the real estate, I was looking more towards the raid frames.

    I wouldn't think it is really necessary to have such overwhelming bars in place to know the raids status. It is important, but knowing their health values is worthless in my opinion (although you could argue against that if you have a valid position.

    Maybe another suggestion is to have a universal bar style. I never see any hurt in adding some small art to the black bars where it doesn't obstruct your view. Kind've like Sunart.
    Abyssul's UI, please comment or download.

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    Just a quick note that this has been by far the easiest way to modify my interface I have found yet. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. One side note though I have a mac so I can't simply "extract" .rar files without a download. To help anyone else out who didn't already know the app UnRarX made it very simple (and it's free).


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    Filefront occasionally places older files in a 'deletion queue'. Unfortunately my UI package was queued for deletion over the past week while I was on vacation so I missed the opportunity to prevent it from being deleted. I will re-upload it in the next day or so and update the thread with the new link.

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    thanks. I made mine look jus like yours just from looking at yours and downloading the mods u have.. but i will use your profile to save some time once u put it up thanks!

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    Still waiting for an updating link!

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    Ahhh this is an amazing UI if only there would be a link to the real download.

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    Sorry for the delay guys, the link has been updated. The pictures above are a bit out of date but I went through the instructions and updated whatever needed it. As always, feel free to contact me here or track me down on BB if you run into any issues.

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    YAY! I was on this post and saw you looking at it the same time i was, Was spazzing out saying omg omg hes gunna update it! Thanks a lot!

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    I use xperl myself and it always annoyed me that the raid frames took a good chunk of space on my screen. I like how you lined it up on the side of the screen. How were you able to do that? On my it has the party frames and i have not been able to figure out how to get rid of the party frames so i can line all the raid frames on the side.

    My UI:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saphiria View Post
    I use xperl myself and it always annoyed me that the raid frames took a good chunk of space on my screen. I like how you lined it up on the side of the screen. How were you able to do that? On my it has the party frames and i have not been able to figure out how to get rid of the party frames so i can line all the raid frames on the side.
    Open the Xperl options window (/xperl) and navigate to the Party tab. Near the bottom-center of the window there is a "Show Party In Raid" checkbox. Unchecking this box will hide the party frames and show only the raid frames when you are in a raid group.

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    Thank you.

    For SatrinaBuffFrame, do you have it set up as Buffs and debuffs in one bar or separate bars?

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    My buffs are across the top of my screen, debuffs are under my character frame.

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    So, you use the xperl options for debuffs? because i cant find a way for xperl to only show debuffs.

    For CBH Viewport, are you sure it doesn't take up playing field space? it seems like it does. Also, how did you get it to make the bar on the top of the screen?

    Sorry if i'm asking too many questions lol
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    I use SBF for my debuffs as well, I simply have them positioned under my character frame. Xperl is used only for unit/raid frames.

    CBH takes up screen real estate but does not cover the play field in any way, it re-sizes the play field within the created 'viewport'. To set the size of the top (or bottom) bar, simply go into your system menu (esc), select interface then click on the 'Addons' tab. Find CBH in the list and modify the values there.

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    Well thanks for a very nicely set up and easely understood install for your compilation. Im setting my UI up with merging some of your ideas and ciderhelms UI.
    I wanted to ask wich addon it is that gives that curser tracking light that i noticed when i tried ur full compilation.
    I think it might help me knowing where the curser is in big flashing and xploding fights where i actually need to use the mouse for something important...
    And i do agree with the rest of, u i LOVE "CBH Viewport" if i only had something like it from the beginning of playing, i would be a happy chap now...

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    Ah forgot to list that one, that's a new one I picked up since I first created this thread. It is called _Cursor.

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