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Thread: Ulduar - I Am Getting Destroyed

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    Ulduar - I Am Getting Destroyed

    First, a little background. My guild is progressing in Ulduar and boy, do those bosses hit hard. 18-20k swings from quite a few of the bad guys in there, as well as the other proverbial crap that can hit the fan.

    I have the highest raid attendance in my guild and I like to think that I'm a capable and educated tank. However, yesterday we were on the Iron Council 25 and Steelbreaker was kicking my business in like mad.

    My initial thoughts were that it was a healer thing (particularly on the Fusion Punches), but I was left wondering whether it's something I can do to help it. We did get the encounter beaten after an hour or so and then proceeded to some very interesting Auraiya tries.

    I've gemmed very heavily for avoidance, which I understand is a thing some call taboo. I'm willing to alter anything if the general consensus is that I'm "doinitrong". My armory should be linked to my forum account.

    I won't pretend to know everything about the TC behind avoidance and DR and to be honest I can't get my head around the equations and correlations, so perhaps I am going wrong there.

    Any guidance would be muchos appreciato, or something similarly Italian sounding.

    [Edit] The EU Armory no longer seems to count talents in my stats so just be aware of it.

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    ok first of all... gear wise you look pretty good to me, i maybe would get rid of one of these dodge jc stones and get another 41stam instead... helm or shoulders is your choice - or maybe just wait till you get T8,5

    Council shouldnt be much of a problem with your gear and hp-pool...

    Things that are very important when tanking stealbreaker:

    • Move him out of the "rune of power" asap !

    • let your healers decurse the ticking debuff after fusion punches asap !

    we had our Ignis,Council & Kologarn heroic firstkills yesterday - and had no problems at all with Iron Council


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