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Thread: Return to Tanking

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    Return to Tanking

    So I just got my dual spec (offspec being prot) and I'm going to play that for a while. I've forgotten some things, and somethings I just never knew, haha.

    1.) Dodge/Parry/Block. Which is most important, 2nd, and last.
    2.) Currently I have 1 set of gear. 25.63% block, 16.88% parry, 22.94% dodge. 27.3k HP. 550 def. My question is, which stat should I shoot for next? Do I need more avoidance? Or more stam?
    3.) Heroic strike? Always? Never? Sometimes? I've heard some people use it relentlessly, and some people us it like, every couple fights maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rak View Post
    control+c control+v amirite?
    Quote Originally Posted by Magnuss View Post
    Hell no, its Xav, he is gonna type that bitch till his fingers fall off.

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    Assuming you maintain 540+ defense:
    Stats: Stamina > Expertise > Dodge > Block > Parry
    Shoot for 26+ expertise (57 hard cap) and as close to 266 hit as possible
    Rotation: SS > Revenge > CB > Shockwave > Devastate and spam Heroic Strike when ever you are 50+ rage

    Tip: Parry is the wet turd of the tanking stats, never gem for it for any reason. You can NEVER have too much stam

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