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Thread: New preferred second pally buff for bear?

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    New preferred second pally buff for bear?

    My 10 man guild runs with two pallies (myself and a holy), so everybody gets two pally buffs. I'm prot, and my co-tank is a bear. Pre-3.1, we gave the bear Kings and Sanctuary.

    However, 3.1 changed Sanctuary to no longer give any rage help to the bear. In addition, attack power is now related to bearshield (or whatever the official nickname it has been given is hehe).

    So which is preferable for my co-tank? He should get Kings +...
    a) Sanctuary (flat 3% damage reduction)
    b) Might (improved w 1 talent point, for extra threat / bearshield)

    As a prot pally, I'm still taking Kings+Sanc, but I'm not so sure for my partner... thanks for any advice!

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    If you can only have two, sanctuary will be better. It scales still in terms of damage mitigated. Also a little off topic but SD still doesn't change feral gearing so we really shouldn't worry about having loads of AP.

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    Kings + Sanc = best for mitigation.
    Kings + Might = Best for mitigation + threat.

    If threat isn't an issue (usually isn't) then yep - Sanc for 2nd one.

    Even though there's no additional rage gain, usually swimming in rage anyway.

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