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Thread: New Tank needs advice

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    New Tank needs advice

    Hi all, great website by the way, has helped me so much !!

    Could one of you seasoned chaps take a look at my gear/ enchants & give me any advice on changes that I can make at my level.
    My guilds not brilliant so im having to get groups when i can, havent even done Naxx yet, so im looking to get everything as good as i can before i move to a raiding guild.
    I seem to be doing fairly ok, but any advice would really be appreciated

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    WOW armoury seems a little off as my armor is 23259 strength 777 stamina 2002 & agility 140

    thanks in advance

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    Personally, i'd lose the armor ench on ur cloak, get def, even tho u are capped (more def adds to your overall avoidance)

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