hey everyone , this is my first post so here it goes

so i quit wow for like a few months and just started playing again (i know it was stupid to quit:p) but i heard that some things have changed for warriors and locks

so these are my questions/requests

my warrior is lvl66 and i used to lvl as a fury 2h-dual wield , but i read alot of dps los in that area , so if any1 can clearify this for me and possibly a new specc to go along with this :)

als i'd lik to ask something about locks
so i've been a lock from pre-tbc and in wotlk i just got the feeling something was missing , but don't know what and i don't rly get like the talent trees anymore , so if anyone could like help me with this and get more dps out of him :p
here is my char page and don't mind the talent build now i was just trying something , but i failed :(
char pag: The World of Warcraft Armory