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Thread: Need a little help here...

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    Need a little help here...

    Allrighty, I'm setting up my gear currently, and with the eviscerator 4 set bonus and such i'm running - 29.9k hp, 24860 armor, 34.38% dodge on my bear tank "Bullbear" from the Draka realm.

    I just took up Jewelcrafting a few nights ago and powered it up to 433 for the two trinkets that I wanted right off.

    Now my question is, I'm looking at the chages to druids with 3.1, and wondering.. Would it be better to slap 3 agility dragon's eyes in my gear or the 41 stamina dragon's eyes instead.. I'm really not sure wich direction to go with on this one. My gut is telling me to stack the agility because most healers say that I'm a bit mana intensive to heal, wich would point to needing more mitigation and avoidance, but I'm also not sure what kind of health pool I need for heroic and starting raid content...

    Any input would be nice on this to help me from making a costly mistake.

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    I'd work on getting your dodge up. Now that we don't have as much armor or health I think having all three stats going up evenly is a little more viable than it was before. But the general trend is if you don't see yourself getting one or two shotted in a raid then you can gem for avoidance.

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