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Thread: I Need Some Advice.

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    I Need Some Advice.

    My guild is finally going to start raiding on Saturday, (4/25) and I need some advice on raid leading and main tanking. I've never main tanked in the past (except for Obsidian Sanctum runs, which don't count, imo.) and I also need some advice on how to raid lead, and what I'm really supposed to be doing in particular.

    Thank you in advance for the answers,

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    Organization: Get the group together on time. Make sure the balance of classes is appropriate between Tank/Heals/DPS. Make sure people are appropriately geared and replace those who are not.

    Motivation: Set the pace. Keep the group moving. Replace people who AFK, disconnect or are otherwise holding the group back. Don't stand around doing nothing. Remind people that they don't have to stand around like idiots waiting for loot and can move on and continue to clear trash.

    Explanation: Review strategies on fights especially if there are new players.

    Assignments: Assign tank jobs, healer targets and DPS responsibilities especially on fights (like Gluth) where people are doing many different jobs.

    Discipline: If people are continually fucking up in obvious ways, call them out in a reasonable way. Don't be an asshole, but also don't let lazy people drag your raid down and waste everyone's time.

    Above all, stay calm. Don't think you need to be an asshole to lead a successful raid. People will stay happier and do a better job if you remain calm and treat people with respect.

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    +1 ^^

    Plus just have fun...keep vent active and joke around. My buddy Olo (our MT) from Sen'jin would always keep the mood light during our 40 man days. Even on our 5 FCKN! hour wipe session on Vael he stayed calm in vent and got us through it. We were the second most progressed guild on Sen'jin (loss of tanks + politics kept us from number one) so we were definitely hardcore, but that guild had a lot of fun and are some of my best memories of WoW.

    Now another top guild I was in on Sen'jin had a MUCH harsher RL who also happened to be a MT. Now they got shit done obviously but yelling at people in vent when they are new and have never been in the instance before is just idiotic.

    You WILL keep people in your guild, and interested in raiding with a good solid attitude. Stay stern stick to your guns, but don't be a dick. It's easy unless being a dick is just who you are.

    Make sure you know the fights.
    Know how to get to the fights.
    Take your time and make sure you keep in contact with your healers. If they tell you to pull faster then trust them (to an extent).

    Don't take all the responibilty in RL'ing. Have a healer/DPS officer help out and have them call things out in vent also. Plan this ahead of time as well.

    Also make sure your guild knows that what the RL says is what is going to happen. If you call the raid early then the raid is done. Take control and don't be afraid of it.

    Be prepared gear wise. Chants consumables EVERYTHING must be up to par for the raid.

    Are you in a casual guild what instance do you plan on doing and is it 10 or 25?

    GL brsoky
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    Take things steady. Know the tactics and mark where necessary.

    Promote some assistants.. you cant be expected to do everything, although you probably like most of us end up doing it...your guild has officers and class leaders for a reason...get them to earn their position and loot.

    Most importnat have fun. Hope you enjoy it.
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