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Thread: A strange question (Fire resistance set)

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    A strange question (Fire resistance set)

    Alright guys here is the situation.

    We lack a boomkin to have the ability to root any of the adds during the Ignis fight and we need someone to hold the adds in the fire or we are goners (obviously). We have a mage... BUT he is one of the top DPS and I would rather get this guy down quickly. So following an answer of what one of tankspot's members gave in an ulduar strat thread, here is my need.

    A fire resistance set.

    I need to be uncritable still 535 defense but have enough fire resistance to stand in the fire and tank them till they are molten. Luckily I have fire-resistance aura and I can more the likely get myself some fire resistance flask.

    Now here is the problem, the only gear I remember that has fire resistance is old badge gear you bought in shat to tank flames in Illidan. given the uniqueness of my request am I left using old fire resist gear or is there something I can do to have better stasts and still have a healthy amount of fire resistance?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    It's a good question. Like you said, the only available gear is the lvl 70 armor. If you use lesser flask of resistance and pally aura, that's 180 resistance, with one or two lvl 70 items you would be getting close to 50% resistance which would make it much easier to heal through the fire, enough for you to move around while trying to position yourself outside the fire. (feel free to correct me, I'm not sure about the resistance math)

    Worth a shot if you don't have reliable roots.

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    I wear FR for this fight, some lvl70. Screw the hitcap.
    Not a big deal though, as they've nerfed it and you won't take heavy damage standing on the edge of it the fire...

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    Remember they can be stunned, so you can limit your time standing in fire. e.g. drag them in, conc blow, run out. Charge back in, step back out, shockwave. I guess it should be possible to stand outside the fire but with the golem in it, but the graphic is not very helpful in that regard...

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    I posted my findings while wearing lvl 70 FR gear (200 FR) while keeping over 525 defense (the cap needed to stay crit immune to level 80 iron constructs)

    Post #8 is where I posted what I found, along with a WWS log of me tanking in FR gear and our other OT tanking in full defense gear

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    Get yourself a green helm of fire resistance, enchant it with FR as well. Combine with lesser resist flask and paladin aura, you're done.

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    I just tanked em in the fire without fire resistance - healers kept me up just fine. (This was in 25man though.)

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    Get a blood DK in tank gear to do it.

    Glyph of Heart Strike + PVP Gloves > iron constructs.

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