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Thread: Druid theroy change?

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    Druid theroy change?

    So I was happy before the patch now I am confused. I go to be imba and its recomending that I stack so much AP and Crit, both very usefull. So did the Idea of agility stacking go out the window, or is Be Imba just assuming I am cat now? Not sure. With savage defence I can see stacking a little extra AP, Obviously crit is a very usefull stat for a druid (has been for quite awhile IMO). What enchants are most people running in 3.1? any sugguestions?
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    be imba... is hardly ever 100% accurate. Using your own brains and learning the mechanics if your class is how you should determine your gearing. Raid makeup also makes a big difference.

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    I know my class very well, I am just baffeled by this. As well I know to use every tool I can to help me make my descions ie be imba, and this forum. I am just trying to see what others are doing with savage defence.

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    Be Imba has you as Feral DPS. You probably logged out in your Kitty Spec.

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    I know I fall into the category of alot of feral druids, who still look at savage defense with a jaundice eye. And it seems, at my own failure, I continue to pretend it isn't there.

    I dual specced feral dps/tank. My dps set shares most of my tanking set, but I trade out some key pieces that are of relatively equal use as a tank, but with different gems/enchnats.

    Now, if I try to tank in my dps gear. (a set with more ap/crit) I notice that I spike harder, take more damage overall, and my healers cry a little for the sake of my experiment.

    My tank, set which is balanced roughly the same way I did in pre-3.1, still makes me spike a bit, but I'm hulking enough stam/armor to smile in the end. (I re-gemed for a bit more stam/agility over hit/expertise since survivability > threat when you know you can hold things pretty solid and dps is fine on the timer) (I can't spam swipe my way through everything anymore, but that was me being lazy and another topic entirely)

    So, what I mean by all this is, druids got nerfed and we got nerfed hard. Blizzard doesn't want us to be unique damage sponges anymore, so I don't think we will achieve the same "feel" we had in 3.1, we aren't meant to. In my in game tests, I haven't found gearing towards savage def to be very helpful, and until I find a druid who has, I'm not going to risk my raid trying to woo this odd ability. The way I see it, our gear comes with a healthy serving of those stats anyway. I think this is how blizzard intended it to be.

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    This is Blizzard's way of compensating the feral tank community for the need to share gear w/ leatrher wearing dps'rs. Easy fix? I'm not sold yet.

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    Only use AP/Crit for threat. (AoE Trash for example)

    For bosses, agi/sta as per usual.
    Nothing has changed in that respect, only that we get some additional mitigation.

    Think of it as an added extra.

    If a moonkin, you get 15% of your spirit as spelldmg... Does that mean you stack Spi?
    No, you still stack spelldmg.
    Same thing applies with Savage Defence.

    The amount of extra mitigation from the AP/Crit is not as much as just gemming/gearing for pure agi/sta.

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