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Thread: Ignis tip

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    Ignis tip

    I'm not sure if anyone knows about this, if it's already mainstream news or not, but my guild and I were 10maning ignis tonight and I was just messing around, and stumbled across something neat.

    When he does his flame vent aoe, I decided to jump for no reason at all, and I actually AVOIDED the entire damage that i should have taken. I did not get thrown in the air or anything, and was able to get my dps off even quicker (as an ele shaman every second counts, right?)
    I jumped about a 1 second before the cast was finished, so i was closer to landing when the aoe was triggered.
    Me and the guild started doing this, and avoided alot of unnecessary damage.

    Please dont flame me if you already know this :/

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    It's worth a try, never heard of it though.

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    Sounds like the same bug the people used to make hakkar much easier back in the days.
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    I'm usually on the adds for this fight. If i charge shortly before the jets i never get thrown up.

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    flame jets are casted on persons in the raid, several people reporting being able to strafe out of it if they move as soon as cast start
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    Incidentally, and speaking of Bizarre Ignis Tips That Trivialize The Encounter:

    Yesterday on 10M we decided to just try and brute-force Ignis; OT the adds and let them live, direct all the Scorches into the water, and just DPS him down. Although it got a little bit sketchy near the end as he was loaded with stacks of Strength of the Creator, according to our healers it was significantly easier than doing the fight the "right" way. Our raid composition was also not particularlu uber; some folks with best-in-slot Naxx-25 gear but a lot of newer raiders with the occasional blue and pre-Naxx crafted stuff. A really kitted-out raid should be able to very easily brute force this fellow as long as the MT has a ton of health to soak up those hits.


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