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Thread: Trash in Naxx

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    Trash in Naxx

    Hey all,

    My guild will be embarking on it's first Naxx run this week.

    We're all good players and we've read strategies and watched the Project Marmot videos (awesome stuff Ciderhelm).

    I'm MTing it, and I'm wondering about trash. Are there any "special" packs of trash mobs where specific tactics have to be used?

    Also in regard to the MT and OT's jobs on trash, as MT should I be picking up the full packs or should they be split between me and the OT?

    My stats are:

    29.9k HP unbuffed
    547 defense
    19.47% dodge
    17.61% parry
    20.03% block
    23,265 armor

    If the trash should be split, whats the best way to execute this without it getting messy in regard to opening threat abilities like TC/SW?

    Thanks in advance...

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    When my guild started Naxx, I (warrior) would take the biggest mob, and our palli would take the other 2-3. Your OT should be able to pull from your even if you TC/SW. None of the trash is rediculously hard, and your HP will be nice for your healers. Just play it safe like you would any new dungeon, and have a kill order.

    Mean mobs:
    There are some staffs that are mean to some raids.
    There is one room you pretty much just run through on one side, and kill only the eye stalks.
    There are some large pats out there in places.
    Your quickly see what mobs have abilities that are hurting your raid.

    We just pull as fast as we can now, and fight for agro.

    Have fun in there!


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    OK here's some quick trash strats for you:

    Splitting the packs with you and the OT, especially on your first guild run in there, is the best. Later on when everyone is geared you can pull multiple packs at a time and blow through it all but take it easy at first.

    Watch for Shades, especially in the outer parts of the wing. Warlocks will help you see them. Pick them up when they appear and down them first.

    Spider wing:
    -Keep cleansing the curses/poisons from the tanks. Spiders spit a lot.
    -Imp spell reflect helps on the trash in Faerlina's room. Blood elves can use their racial to silence the packs, helping a lot.

    Plague wing:
    -Pull the first group out into the lobby, ignoring the Gargoyle who will reset.
    -Gargoyles start casting Stoneskin at 25%, if they finish the cast it restores their health to almost full. Make sure your dps pushes hard and kills the gargoyle before he finishes casting, and wait for the stacked debuff to wear off before continuing (~30 sec)
    -After heigan is the gauntlet. Ranged on the eye stalks, tanks should keep picking up everything and keep moving forward along the wall, the entire group together. Pull everything out onto the bridge to Loatheb and finish the larvae.

    Construct Wing:
    -Separate the abominations from eachother when u pull them.
    - When u pull the packs of mobs leading to patchwerk, the big guys will throw down a Lightning Totem. It can probably be healed through but its easier to have dps keep an eye out and quickly switch to it.
    - There are A LOT of patrol mobs in the short hallway between Gluth and Thaddius. Have the group STAY IN GLUTH'S ROOM and have one tank go out and pull back one mob at a time back to the group until its clear to move across.

    Military Wing:
    -In the larger packs, keep the small dwarves wearing WarriorTier3(blue glow shoulders instead of Tier7 yellow) away from the group, their whirlwind will kill clothies very quickly.
    -When the mounted DKs get low on health they will dismount, be sure to pick up the horse so it doesn't run free in the raid.
    -You can skip the stables on the way to Razuvious.
    - After Razuvious be sure to keep the staffs away from the raid, they aoe and can kill clothies quickly.
    - After Gothik, there are lots of pats. Move slowly and let the pats come to you, don't engage them when they are too far out, another pat will come along and overwhelm you quickly.

    Thats about it, have fun and good luck!

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    Construct wing:
    - There's a room full of little slimes right after the second room. Used ranged AOE on them as they will shred non-tank melee. They don't really need to be tanked, just walk backwards and AOE them.
    - Watch Globbulus (from the balcony) as he'll throw a slime pat into the just cleared room before the AOE mobs. Inconvenient if you back up into it or runs ins after a wipe.

    - You'll get some unattackable ghosts when you start. Just keep moving. Stay to the right side and you don't have to clear that full room.
    - The warriors do whirlwind. They need to be tanked or cc'd/stunlocked/whatever. Basically either take them out of the fight or kill them fast.
    If you aren't higher than me in total damage done or total healing done, all comments will be /ignore'd

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    Thank you for the replies, they've all been very helpful!

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