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Thread: Which Neck?

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    Which Neck?

    Well, I am a bit stymied as to which neck I should wear for all around tanking. I just got Mark of the Unyielding from Kologarn, but I also have a Drakescale Collar socketed with 8 expertise and 12 stam.

    I believe that the Mark is better for avoidance due to the dodge, but what should I wear for general tanking, nothing special?


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    Mark of the unyielding also gives you a nice injection of armor, personally I would use Mark of the unyielding over the Drakescale collar. Particularly for progression content, also the added defense may enable you to lose some defense elsewhere in favor of other stats.

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    Thanks for the quick response! My main concern with the gear I have been getting is that there is no freakin' expertise on any of it! And since I am gemming for progression I am going straight stam when possible, unless it is a red socket. I guess if I want threat I will toss on a block set.

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    Try the Titanstone Pendant - Item - World of Warcraft that drops off trash in Ulduar. I picked it up last night and its stat distribution is very nice including a good amount of expertise.

    Mine dropped off trash leading to Ignis.
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