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Thread: 10 man council

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    10 man council

    hey we are attempting our first 10man ulduar and one person said we needed 3 tanks for 10man council. is this true? can it be done with 2?

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    We did it tonight with 2 tanks. Had one on Stormcaller Brundir out the way and the other tank on both Runemaster Molgeim and Steelbreaker.
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    We did it slghtly differently. One tank on Steelbreaker the other on Runemaster Molgeim and Stormcaller Brundir. So there's more than one way to approach the fight, but yes it's doable with two tanks.

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    Definately multiple ways to do it... We have 2 warrior tanks which makes us a little less flexible than most 10man groups.

    We started off trying to 3 tank it. It does work, it just makes things really slow. Taking our hybrid from tanking to dpsing and having Steelbreaker tanked and Runemaster/Stormcaller tanked proved to be the right strategy for us. Steelbreaker's damage combined with a well timed melee from Runemaster makes for extremely easy to get instagibs.

    People say that Runemaster will not put Runes of Power on Steelbreaker if he's across the room being tanked with Stormcaller. This does not seem to be the case. We saw Steelbreaker "runed" about 1/3rd the time no matter if they were tanked on top of each other, or across the room for each other.

    In the end, the difference for us was not the number of tanks we had, it was immediately moving our rogue to Stormcaller once Steelbreaker was dead. With a warrior's stuns, interrupts and a rogue's he was shut completely down for the rest of the encounter. Basically cutting the raid damage in half.

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    Anyone has done it with 2 healers?

    I'm in a 10-man guild, we don't have many to choose usually. We did previous bosses plus Kologarn with 2 healers, but Iron Council seems pretty hard for a 10 man guild. With 3 healers got the last dwarf to 10% once tought, but we don't always have 3 good healers online >.<
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    We did it with a Paladin and a Resto Druid. Paladin was healing DK tank on Steelbreaker, and druid healing warrior tanking the other two. After steelbreaker was down we had the druid switch to raid healing and the paladin heal the warrior.


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