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Thread: Noob tnkn hcs

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    Noob tnkn hcs

    Hy pepl.
    This my first thread here, and to say at start i leveld an 80 but very fast and basicly i am a noob in wow.And ofc got a question/help required and so.
    Ok first thing, i got a warior prot tank.If you check my gear youl see its crap.
    I got almoust none hc equipment and il get my glyphs in order today.Tankin was never an isue until i tryd northrend hc.
    Hmmm, the thing is I can tank VH, UK hc and thats bout it.
    Else is a fail every time.Ok sometimes i got a lousy group, a healer which is sayng you gogogo after he revived me and didnt heal.Im standing there with 1K health and thinkin wtf.Or dps who dont do more dmg than me the tnk.
    I havent reached uncrit yet, and em workin on it, got bout 520 defence now.
    I dont have probs holding agro excpt in certain places.
    First AN.Them 3 spider at the start.1 the skrmisher is imune to taunt, second spelcuster which goes directly for the healer whatever I do, and the 3d one isnt a prob.Hmm i though to corner pull em, havent tryd yet.Any sugestions on em?
    Second, Gundrak, hmm them boss which spawns em snake adds.Im like using shckwave, thndrclap,cleave, devastate emm everything i can while holding boss, but i cant get em all on me, and they kill dps or healer which equals party wipe.
    Lookin at agrro mechanic, would it be better if i told dps to not attack em adds untill theyr on me, only boss so they dont hawe aggro on em and i can pull em with my aoe.
    And my rotation is good btw its not the prob, im usin a standard which many good tanks use

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    Craft some gear like the tempered saronite stuff and perhaps the blacksmithing gun/helmet to reach the def cap, which I recommend you reach first. After that just take a look at wowhead.com and search for heroics and what tanking items they drop. Should get you going fast enough.
    Oh, and search around on this forum, tons of other posts just like these with all good answers to them.

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    Seconded to the tempered saronite set. I'm still using a fair bit of that and it'll really help you get to 540 defence. There's also a chest enchant that can boost your defence.

    As you said, telling your DPS to give you time to build aggro can be a good move especially if you're in a PUG and none of you know each other. Poor DPS won't think about their threat - download a threatmeter so you can see if someone's coming up on you fast and about to pull a mob. Also bear in mind that there are some mobs which may randomly switch aggro to another player.

    Finally... I'm not really sure how to say this without causing offence but your post made my eyes hurt. Please spellcheck.

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    Add a link to your armory.

    Armory type questions belong in the Armory forum we have here.

    Please read the rules located at the top of each forum or in my signature.


    READ THIS: Posting & Chat Rules
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    Ok, armory link

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    This is my char.
    First sorry for em gramar mistakes, im not from england, i do hoewer speak it perfectly but gramar joust isnt my thing.
    As a new 80 i think im doing fine with equipment, however any advice is apriciated.
    The thing is i think my prob vas more of lacking the know how to get a boss down on hc.
    For example, them gundrak boss which spawns snake adds.
    You cant defeat him without a crackin team in his starting place as em adds will go for your healer since he is casting heals and you cant agro them in them cpl of sec they runin past you.
    Tactic is to pull im back up them stairs and tank im at the top.
    Your DPS can deal with adds there and everybody can pul away from poison nova.
    Thanks in advance, and sorry for posting the original mesage in the wrong place

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    There are a few changes that will make your life easier:

    Enchant your chest
    Get a faster weapon
    Get tanking bracers/trinket
    Replace the parry gems with def/stam/dodge
    Get a leg armor patch

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    Almost done

    Ok on saturday got a good team and did all northrend hc.Got enough defense now.
    What stats to go for now?I reckon il get stam until i get 28K health.Then what?Expertize or what?

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