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Thread: Help me frost tank

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    Help me frost tank

    So I've almost always been an Unholy tank, but with the recent changes and the free respec waiting for me (haven't played my Dk since 3.1), I thought I might give frost a whirl. Just a couple questions... First off, how's this for spec?

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    Secondly, what should I do for a rotation? I know IT > BS > OB > BT > OB > Dump and repeat (not needing the BT after first cycle) used to be popular, but is dropping plaguestrike still a dps/tps increase? I've also heard of an interesting rotation based off the HB glyph where you do HB > OB > BS > BS > RP dump > OB > HB > OB > dump. Is this rotation any good, particularly with the icy touch nerf?

    Lastly (and unrelated to frost), the unholy tree has changed significantly. If I decide to go back to unholy, how would the following spec look?

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    Really, now. You've been around here how long and never read the posting rules? Tsk.
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    Almost same spec as me.

    HB>BS>BS>OB>FS w/ Runestrike macroed to it.

    Glypth of OB
    Glypth of HB
    Glypth of RS (probally drop for Glypth of Unbreakable armor)

    3200+ self buffed ap
    28 Expertise
    267 hit with food buff

    I've had no problem with threat. Ran half a 25 man naxx since becoming frost spec. Running other half tonight.

    Only problem is if you need the Def sigil. It only procs off of IT.

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