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Thread: Ulduar Auriaya

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tempestas View Post
    At the bottom of the stairs where you go down from Kologarn's area.
    lol not what I was talking about. In the video it talks about going into detail about the pull but I don't see it

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbon View Post
    As we tend to have 6-7 melee as well as 7-8 ranged..we are having some issues with her movement and raid positioning.

    All the melee dps is trying to run behind her whilst we are trying to keep the ranged stacked in the front. The defenders jump all over the place and one shot our clothies..whilst the melee are constantly trying to get behind her.

    Do people just ignore the parry haste and nuke her melee dps from the front ? and power heal the tank ? or do u move your melee behind her also ?

    A tactic for dps-ing position on 25 man would be useful.
    What we've done since the beginning of Ulduar: Everyone stacks up in front of her on a marked player and that's that. Everyone in our guild realizes t's not a fight where you get to show your HOTMAXDPS. Furthermore, we ignore the defender. If everyone is stacked up, he can't be pouncing, and the melee damage he does is marginal. After about 3 or 4 waves of the smaller adds he'll probably be about dead from incidental AoE damage. At this point, we wait for a screech or a fear from Auriaya, then nuke the Defender and shift our positioning.

    It's really important to stress to raiders that this fight is made considerably easier if everyone is stacked up. If you have players doing anything that is causing the defender to rush/pounce, they are being selfish. That's a lot of avoidable damage that they are taking just so they can do something they are comfortable with.
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    On the note of the post above me, how many guilds force their hunters into melee range on this fight? I know from talking to other hunters I know that not all do and simply heal through the damage. IN my guild however there is still some problems concerning the silence and cast lockouts that come with the pounce and dashes the defender does and those are what they are worried about, meaning I have to stick in melee and hit the crazy cat lady with a big stick and make sure to volley down the swarm adds.

    My raid happens to be lucky for this fight in that I am normally the only hunter in the group, so this does not affect the raid dps too much (though I am usually in the top 5 even in these movement heavy ulduar fights). But I could see this being and issue in a raid that had something more like 3 to 4 hunters normally, all of whom did better than average damage normally.

    With blizzard flat out stating that they don't think it would be 'right' to get rid of the hunter minimum range and the fact that they seem to not really take it into account when they design things like this or bosses with hit boxes the size of mansions does that mean that it's just sort of a 'oh well, too bad, deal with it' for this fight in concerns to hunters?

    I mean, there are a lot of fights were I know I will not be doing my max damage in udluar but in this fight it looks like I'm still in a smattering of 10/25 naxx gear if you look at the charts. I know to do my part and stick in close and let the other dps do the main job of killing the boss in this fight but I feel like such a dead weight.

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    Hi Ciderhelm

    Quote Originally Posted by Ciderhelm View Post
    Movie is up!
    On this movie:[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j21Fa6gpSug]YouTube - TankSpot's Guide to Auriaya[/ame]. What for addon are u using there u got attacks/chat/omen and recount?

    Thanks for tankspot.


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    They have a UI section with there addons etc theres a link on the first post i think.

    heres the link if u cant find it.


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