Hey, I've been fury for awhile now, during 3.0.9 my DPS was finally starting to pick up, i got some new gear and i got a bit more used to working with the fps lag my computer produces. I was hitting around 3600 on average bosses and up to 4400 on Patchwerk.

Please note that i go between 1-2 fps on every encounter in naxxramas, I've just bought a new computer so this will be fixed within a week. (hoping for 65+)

Now the problem is that as fury my DPS has gone down 10%, but i just got a Betrayer of Humanity and I'm going to put a Beserking on it. So my question is, what should my DPS be hitting now and what can i do to increase my DPS (outside of the obvious flasks, haste pots, food ect)

Thanks for any replys, i would appreciate a check of my armory, and letting me know if I've mis-enchanted/mis-gemed anything. (My spec atm is PvP arms so don't bother commenting on that. :P)

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