So, went into uldaur, it crashed, spent the rest of the night trying to figure out new specs.

Target dummy:

DW using last laugh ticks for about 48 damage now (at least for me). Hardly worth using imo.

Looking at a threat build, I came up with 14/6/51 using rend for threat in place of DW. I know the purpose of DW was that it added threat to mobs we werent targeting, but I couldnt find anyting better. With rend doing 270+ per tick on a fully life dummy (+35% on targets over 75% health) I think it may add a good initial threat boost. But I am far from a theory crafter, so its just me trying something different until the actual brains figure out the best stuff heh.

(Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft)

No glyphs yet, with servers messing up, so I wasnt able to build a "boss" mitigation set as my dual spec, but this is what Im figuring on when I can get the glyphs for it. This one isnt meant for threat as much as survival for high damage encounters like dragons and such. It would require dps to hold off a few more seconds for threat generation, but it may help in some encounters. I would also glyph for last stand, shield wall cool downs.

(Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft)

Obviously these are works in progress, and not by any means saying they are end all. If someone has came up with better please post, or if the think tanks have tested and found that DW is still optimal threat, pleast post.

From what I did see in uldaur, its not a lot of aoe trash pulls, like naxx. CC and single target dps is going to play a little bit more of a role in uldaur, at least from the first part. Which is the reason Im leaning away from aoe threat and more towards single target threat. But we were only past leviathan for about 15 mins (2nd trash pull after realizing the giant MC looking guys were no joke heh) before uldaur crashed.

Any input?