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Thread: geared for ulduar? 2

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    geared for ulduar? 2

    I am reposting my thred that i accidently put on the gear page.

    I am wondering about what my gear should be for ulduar. What are the requirements for tanking ulduar, as i would like to repetedly stab yogg, reach into his body and pull out weopons and armor, and dance around his body, as we alll want to. but i was wondering what raids i should do to get gear for ulduar so i may do the above. TY

    The World of Warcraft Armory this is my armory hope the link works if not just ignore
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    your ready for 10 man when you have close to full 10 man nax gear, and you would be ready for 25 man if you have close to full 25 man nax gear

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