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Thread: Time to start stacking stamina?

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    Time to start stacking stamina?

    Ello, I am the MT of my 10 man content raiding guild. Walking into Ulduar on Wednesday I am wondering if i should be stacking stamina gems and enchants. I recently picked up JC and will soon be adding BSing as well.

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    Now, I am not concerned with Def cap as I have many options with trinkets, rings, etc. My concern is with changing out Exp gems with pure stamina gems. I don't want to lose so much expertise. However, if it will help my healers and guild I am certainly willing as threat is mostly a non-issue.

    My thought process is that for progression there is almost no better stat for MT than stamina. Am I wrong in this thinking, or is it that time?
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    Probably belongs in the Armory forum.


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    i heard bosses 1 hit u if u have more than 25k hp now.

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