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Thread: New DK tank lf help 4 BC solo instance help

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    New DK tank lf help 4 BC solo instance help

    Hello all,
    I am new here to Tankspot as I am a new tank. What i am looking for is some help. I have been leveling unholy dps, switched to a Unholy Tank build a few days ago. My main purpose for this character is to do solo instance farming on Heroics in BC and some old world instances like Strat and Scholo. Let me also say that I originally choose Unholy because i prefer an AOE playstle. I doubt I will raid much if at all with this guy unless its pugs( My main is Resto Druid so guild will probably never let me bring DK to raid instead of heals)
    So what would be the best build for what I am looking to do? I would prefer AOE style but its not a must as this will be one of my dual specs. I just want to be able to run the instances the most effectively.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    (oh and i hope this was the correct place to post this, wasnt sure if I should have posted it here or in 5 man instance)

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    I would most likely go frost due to HB if it is as potent in 3.1 as it was in 3.08, I liked clearing strat with HB because it killed enemies quicly when it procd. I was able to pull alot of the instance then it-pest-deathchill-hb my way trhough alot of it. Also you can get some of the mitigation talents to help with big pulls. Just my two cents

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